Ultimate Dream Project Group

What is the Ultimate Dream Project Group? It is a group mentoring program where you
can get answers to your questions, support with your problems and energy clearings to remove
the blocks that we become aware of.

The brilliant thing about groups is that whether you ask the question or someone else asks your
question, the healing and clearing will happen for everyone on the call and while you listen to
the recording of the replay.

This group is designed to dive deeper into what is holding you back and clear it. I ask that you not
join this call until you have completed Module 1 Tools for Change. This is to ensure that you get the
absolute most from your time with me. The whole purpose behind creating Tools for Change was so
that when I did start working with you, you would be primed and ready to move more quickly! This
group is the next gentle step in creating your Ultimate Dream lifestyle.

What do you get:

Two calls every month on a Thursday at 10:30amEDT, 3:30pm UK.

This is a live open lined call (USA number, you can listen in via Skype)
you can ask questions or just listen in. A replay/recording is available
on the internet soon after the call finishes, you get access to that at
any time.

What do I expect from you:
You are expected to  have completed Tools for Change Module 1 and
ready to move forward in a comfortable group environment, but prepared to be
placed on the ‘hotseat’ and your stuff brought to light.

What you can expect from me: 
You can expect me to see your true potential and reflect that back to you.
You can expect for me to have your back. I will be your cheerleader. I will
celebrate your wins and invite you to always be your best. You can expect
me to do and be anything it takes to get you to where you are going.

What you should not expect from me:
Don’t expect me to buy into your story of why things are the way they
are. Don’t expect me to be politically correct, prim, proper, distant
or nice.

What I expect from me:
To be completely and 100% dedicated to you living your Ultimate Dream.
My commitment to YOU is to spend at least 15 hours a week learning new
tools so that I am fresh, alive, awake and raring to go in getting you to
where you are going as fast as possible!

Investment: $27 a Month