Testimonial From Debra Berndt

Since Angela introduced me to her amazing work which includes Access Consciousness, my life has changed incredibly. I had invested tons of money in my business and was getting anxious about when things were going to take off for me. I kept feeling there was something blocking me from getting the success I worked so hard for in my business.  Working harder was not the answer, clearing my energetic vibration was the key.

Immediately after using the tools that Angela provided, I saw a shift in my energy. I became much more relaxed and less concerned with the small things that used to send me into high stress mode. I feel like I have cleared lifetimes of blockages from being able to receive in this world and my business has shifted dramatically. Just in the past few weeks, I was contacted by two major media outlets for interviews including a national television show. My online sales have doubled and, best of all, I feel like I am so grounded and focused in the moment with complete peace. Angela’s insight and caring really shows in her work and I feel blessed that she is in my life. I highly recommend her to help you take your business to the next level with ease, joy and glory! How does it get any better than this? I cannot wait to find out.

-Debra Berndt, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Love Coach

Author of “Let Love In: How to Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner” (Wiley) AttractRealLove.com

Debra Berndt, Hypnotic Love Coach
Relationship Expert, Radio Show Host, Speaker
Author of “Let Love In: How to Open Your Heart
and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner”

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