Now that you’ve completed Step One the you’re ready to take the process of reclaiming your infinite self to the next level. Embracing Your Infinite Being means you’re ready to open yourself up fully to the process of experiencing and discovering a new way of being.

Are you ready for more? Is now the time for you to be who you would love to be?

The process of reclaiming your infinite greatness is as much about what you will accomplish as how you will feel during the process of accomplishing it. It will be as if you’ve been lit up, where every single cell, and even the spaces between your cells, are open and actively engaged in soaking up every possible potential and opportunity. You’ll breathe deeper and more fully, your senses will be sharpened exponentially, you’ll be processing simultaneously at all levels, trusting your intuition implicitly and drawing on energy at will to make your world real.This goes way beyond the Law of Attraction and into the world of conscious co-creation.

How much are you willing to receive? What are the infinite possibilities here? Will this be rewarding?

Yes, it really is that cool!

Embrace Your Infinite Being Program Overview

  • 1 Laser Session a month (15 Minutes One to One), recorded so you can listen to it Again.
  • Exclusive access to a weekly clearing audio recorded by Angela, to listen while you sleep.
  • Exclusive access to a closed-community Facebook group.
  • Access to all clearing audios for the month before you join.
  • Access to members-only pricing for additional products and events. This
    includes purchasing further sessions at $125 instead of $300.

Program Investment $97/month

The Laser Session is your chance to clear the energy on whatever issue is holding
you back. You will get information to support you in what is going on for you as
well clearing questions to clear whatever is ‘sticking’ you. These sessions can be
done either via Skype or a conference call number.

The Questions of the Week are clearing questions that are created by looking
at the energy of each individual member of the group, the energy of Business
and the energy of the Planet. I then create a clearing audio with the questions
that will best support you with the energy that will be coming up during that

The private access to the Facebook Group is a way for you to connect with
other members of my programs, as well as giving you access to the archived
transcriptions of the Questions of the Week.

While being a member of this program you will be able to get access to
any of my products at a ‘special’ price, this will normally mean a 20%
discount. With booking extra Laser Sessions you can benefit from a
a $50 savings.

Program Investment $97/month