The energetic shifts you’ll be experiencing will vary from subtle to significant so it’s essential that your mind, body and spirit are prepared for the processes Angela will be guiding you through. This program is a required pre-requisite for participation in any other programs.

The objective of this program is to open your mind, body and spirit to the essence of pure potentiality. This program provides you several essential elements that will establish the groundwork for all future work you will be doing with Angela. However, even if you should decide that working with Angela is not for you, these powerful tools, processes and perspectives will result in concrete changes in your reality.

Step One – Discover Your Greatness Program Overview

  • Unlimited access to Angela’s 14-Part Video Series. This video series helps you to better understand what you need to know to get the most out of Angela’s programs and/or working directly with Angela. It will open your awareness, help you to see yourself from a completely different perspective, and ultimately helps you understand that you are an infinite being…and what that means!
  • Unlimited access to a powerful 4-Part Meditation Series. This series MUST be listened to in order and includes 4 powerful meditations that will literally take you from grounding deep into the earth to the orgasmic bliss found at the core of your infinite being. There is a comprehensive introduction for each meditation where Angela introduces the concept behind the meditation, the objectives and the shifts you can expect as a result. However, once you’ve completed the introductions and listened to the full series IN ORDER at least once, you can then listen to the meditations on their own and in any order to quickly and effortlessly take yourself back into the energy of the Grounding, Dream Theatre or Orgasmic Bliss! All recordings are easily downloaded into MP3 format.

Program Investment $27.50

What phenomenal results can we generate together? How much are you willing to receive?