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Journey To Your Happiness: Increasing Your Ability To Manifest and Create Money Streams

What is an Energetic Journey?

An Energetic Journey is a powerful tool of change for the mind where you will be guided through a type of mini mind vacation, where you have the opportunity to receive more possibilities and release any stress, limitation or anything that doesn’t work for you.

These energetic journeys were designed to create the most phenomenal results while training the brain on how to get into deeper states of relaxation while being awake and aware.

Scientists have discovered that your brain can not differentiate between real and created memories. The past is something that can influence your present and future. These programs are designed to create more happiness, new possibilities and eliminate self limitations.

Almost all people will stay awake through a journey. There are some people that will relax so completely that they fall asleep. This is fine as the energy is still there and your brain will still be taking in the whole experience. These journeys are created by using a mixture of techniques for Native American Indian Energy Medicine, NLP to Access Consciousness.

angela spiritual sedonaJourney To Create More Happiness consists of four Energetic Journeys:

Grounding and Protecting:

This is a Lipan Apache Native American Journey. The purpose of this journey is to ground you, which supports you in grounding your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It creates a space that allows you to recognise information that you are picking up from other people and creating an energetic boundary for yourself. In this journey you will have the opportunity to receive the value and gratitude that the Universe has for you. Grounding and Protecting is also a very gentle form of energetic healing of your body and spirit.

Infinite You: 

Both NLP and Native American Medicine Men would call this type of journey a Timeline. You are taken to your day of birth and have an opportunity to gift the baby  you everything you know now. You then have the opportunity to add new members of family to be there not only for you, but for your ‘family’.  Through out this journey you are guided to release, let go of any memories that have limited you and replace them with supportive new created memories.

Dream Theater:

This journey will support you in manifesting abundance. If money wasn’t the issue, what would you choose? Here you will learn a technique to start creating the life you would really like to have and to feel what it is to have money instead of money issues.

Power Your Greatness:

Power Your Greatness is a journey to expand out. Most people hide in their bodies. Your essence (spirit) is so much bigger than your body. When you expand out it allows you to relax and your body to let go of stress and tension. From this place your body can also start to self heal. The energy of orgasm is almost identical to what it feels like to be completely immersed and connected to the Universal Life Force Energy. From a place of safety and relaxation you will be guided through that energy and have it flow through out your whole entire body.

Would you be willing to take these journeys with me?

These four journeys were created to Changing the memories of your past that have left you feeling not good enough or inferior can affect the results of everything you are trying to do now.  What if creating new memories can give you a new self image and knowing of you? The exciting thing is it’s absolutely possible!

How Will These Journeys Help You?

These Journeys Are Designed To:

  1. Creating a strong platform and foundation for you to start creating the life of your dreams. Limitations will be replaced with opportunities and you will become more open to the infinite possibilities.
  2. Support systems will be put in place to allow more happiness and abundance to flow into your life, more money will follow. What if money follows joy?

Imagine what a life of abundance looks like for you!

“Angela is truly gifted and very authentic. I have found Angela’s methods work from deep within one’s own “self”. She has a natural intuition that she combines with her wisdom to help you bring about the results that you are seeking. l will always come back to Angela whenever I have a need.” – Joseph Falcone – owner of TenFoldResults

Infinite You Home Play

Once you purchase your  Infinite You Home Play by hitting the Paypal button below, you will be given INSTANT ACCESS to:

  • Angela’s FOURTEEN part video series, Discover Your Greatness as well as the Grounding and Protection Journey. The Grounding and Protection is a journey that allows the Earth to gentle clean limitations from your body and so much more! You will also get a pre-recorded Infinite You Journey, in this version you will have the support, contribution, adoration and resources of Oprah, Richard Branson, Louise Hay, Ellen DeGeneres and Sophia Lauren. *Warning – only go through this audio and video series if you really want to experience dramatic shifts in your every day life!*
  • PLUS Recordings of Angela’s 6 Part Telesries Live Phenomenal Facilitation (Takes place in June 2013)
    1. Dream Theater – Take a Journey where you get to feel what it is like to have your needs taken care of, where money is no longer an issue and you have a magic theater where you can experience any dream you desire and start making it real.
    2. Infinite You  – This journey takes you from the date of your birth all the way to the present adding new people that will provide support, information and whatever you require until the present time not only for you but also for your family.
    3. Power Your Greatness – Learn how to expand out and to receive Life Force Energy (Source)
    4. Recordings of Three Facilitation Calls – In these calls the participants of the Live Phenomenal Facilitation will ask questions and get support with any aspect of their life, relationship or business.


Live Phenomenal Facilitation

All of the above PLUS you will receive:

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Devin“Angela is loving and talented at using language in ways that can unravel the boundaries of subconscious limitations. I recommend her because of the strength in her intentions along with her ability to help people access the depths of their own resources.”-Devin Scannura

Executive Platinum Experience

With this package you will receive everything from the Live Phenomenal Facilitation PLUS

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Thank you SO MUCH, and I look forward to your success!

Big Hugs and Infinite Gratitude,

P.S. – You WON’T regret your new Infiniteness!