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(Taking place in June 2013)

Dream Theater – Take a Journey where you get to feel what it is like to have your needs taken care of, where money is no longer an issue and you have a magic theater where you can experience any dream you desire and start making it real.

Infinite You – This journey takes you from the date of your birth all the way to the present adding new people that will provide support, information and whatever you require until the present time not only for you but also for your family.

Power Your Greatness – Learn how to expand out and to receive Life Force Energy (Source)

Recordings of Three Facilitation Calls – In these calls the participants of the Live Phenomenal Facilitation will ask questions and get support with any aspect of their life, relationship or business.

Your Discover Your Greatness Program, Grounding & Protecting & Infinite You Meditations are ready for you to watch and download below…

Please email Angela now at:

Let her know you are in the program so she can send you a permenant link to this page via emails…

Welcome to the Discover Your Greatness Program.

This program is a pre-requisite for any further programs you may want to participate in with Angela. It is vitally important that you have a clear understanding of the material that will be shared through these videos and meditations before moving on to other work. Please read all instructions carefully as completing some of this material out of order can have adverse affects.

You can choose to do the videos or the meditations first, however, we highly recommend doing the video series first as it provides a great point of entry and foundation for the meditation series.

This is a 14-part video series that is approximately 1.5 hours in length. If possible, it’s great if you can find the time to watch all 14 videos in a single sitting. If not, then try to complete the videos in as close a time frame as possible, for example, you may want to complete them all within 1 week.

If the video shows up as being password protected the password for each video is: ease

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Grounding & Protecting Meditation

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Grounding and Protecting 2013

Infinite You Meditation 2013