All of this and more is possible and effortless …

Ultimate Dream Project is a membership program I designed to give you tools to expand your business, to skyrocket to the results you have dreamed of and give you tons of value for money.

Why am I doing this?  Honestly, I love what I do.  One of my top five favorite things in life is to work with a client, support them in expanding their dreams and then witnessing their dreams becoming a reality!

This program is designed for you to access some of the phenomenal tools, information and mentoring for which I charge my private clients $5,000 a month. I thrive off the achievement of my clients and I wanted to create an experience that would allow more people to participate, benefit and be a witness to the incredible success and results.

What is the Ultimate Dream Project Membership all about?

This program was designed to support people that are already established in or just starting out with their own business and would like to have phenomenal results in their business by using simple tools.

I’ve taken three of the things my $5,000 a month clients really value and created an affordable program that allows you to experience and benefit from what they use to skyrocket their results with ease.

When You Join the Gold Level Ultimate Dream Project You Will Have Access To:

1 Group Tele-class a Month: Here you will have the choice of asking questions via email prior to the call or on the call itself. The participants of the call will range from newbies to business to my already highly successful clients. This variety is great because you will get the baby steps while at the same time have access to the most leading edge concepts I am teaching. My clients love the phone work they do with me so much that they also attend my telecalls and report getting value from them.

Weekly Email with the weeks Clearing Questions: Clearing Questions are designed to clear the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing your ultimate dream. Every Monday my clients  receive an email with the questions to run for the week. I perceive the energy of the business world and design questions that will support them in clearing the limiting beliefs that would have created unease. The questions are also designed to make the most of what the energy IS, with using the specific questions that follow the energy they get the optimum available results.

Monthly Clearing Audio: The clearing audio is designed to clear the limiting beliefs on a deep level. I use all the healing techniques I have learned in creating an audio that you can listen to as a stand alone meditation or have it playing while you are doing emails. My clients play the audio on a loop while and as a way to get into a relaxed Alpha state and to get ‘refreshed’.

30% Off All of My Products and Services: As a bonus and huge thank you for your commitment to your success you will get 30% off all my products and services.

Private By Invitation Only Online Forum: I’ve created a private social network where you can connect with the members of this program and with my higher paying clients.  This has been created so that you get the most from this experience. I am a networker. I know the value of connecting people. We all have gifts and abilities that are of great value to other people. You will be able to share your wins and get support from me and others for your ‘bug bears’.

When You Join the Silver Level Ultimate Dream Project You Will Have Access To:

All of the benefits my Gold Level clients enjoy, but with 2 Private Group Telecalls each month.

When You Join the Platinum Level Ultimate Dream Project You Will Have Access To:

All of the benefits my Gold Level clients enjoy, but with 3 Private Group Telecalls each month.

Bonus 15-minute Laser coaching session, which is a one-on-one, private telephone session with you and me where we get right to the heart of your questions or challenges and create amazing results. (My regular fee for a 30 minute coaching session is $279.)

When You Join the Introductory Level Ultimate Dream Project You Will Have Access To:

  • A recording of the monthly group teleclass.
  • Access to the private online forum.
  • Weekly Email with the weeks Clearing Questions.

How much success, joy and fun are you willing to experience?

This program is designed to give you all the information to transform your business and your life each and every month while having fun learning.  All the information will be provided in a clear and concise way devoid of any fluff. I teach the way I love to learn, which is getting straight information with a twist of humor.

I created the Silver and Platinum level programs to meet the unique needs of those who are prepared to invest more time and money in their personal and business development process.

These high-level programs are for those who want to play a bigger game and take their lives and their businesses to the next level of success.

Introductory Level: $27.99

Gold Level Program: $47.99

Silver Level Program: $77.99

Platinum Level Program: $97.00 per month