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Demolecular Manifestation Molecular Demanifestation Instruction

On this recording, you will learn how to use De-Molecular Manifestation Molecular De-manifestation on yourself, animals and other people. This is a relaxing body process that is used to put in what a body needs and to take out what is not working for a body. As I said this is my favorite body process and I use it every chance I get. What are the infinite possibilities here? It can also be used to change the taste of water, wine and food.

This process comes from Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness.

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2012 Tele-call Recording

What IF You Can Change the Prophecies That Have Been Predicted?

Have you heard the world is going to change? End? Have you read Tom Brown Jr.’s Books? Have you been to a Tracker Class? Have you heard about the Mayan Prophecies?

Have you been feeling a shift in the energy? Have you heard any of the prophecies for the time we are in? Are you concerned as to what might happen to you, your family, friends and the planet? Do you want to be a part of something different? What if you could contribute to things improving for you, the planet and everyone you care about?

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**How much are you willing to receive here? ** How much contribution are you willing to be here?**What are the infinite possibilities here?**

There are so many people predicting the end of the world as we know it. This past year alone I heard that the world was going to end on three different dates. Whether you realize it or not, you are affected by others people’s fears, thoughts, feelings and emotions. The state of the economy, the poverty, the ongoing wars, the threat of solar flares and losing all electricity and internet is something that can bring your energy down and get you out of ‘Standing in Your Power’.

What I would love to do is to take you on a journey to create more space, peace and ease in your Universe. To give you some tools to tap into your greatness. To give you more CHOICE! What if you do have the ability to create CHANGE? What if you can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE? The journey I’d like to take you on is the journey to YOU. By you truly being you, your greatness, standing in your power, you will be a contribution for change and you will be an invitation for others to change.

I contemplated on making this an advanced call and setting prerequisites for the call. What I would like to do here is to create the most phenomenal change possible and have everyone that is willing to contribute join!

My Inner Vision for this call is to have it be a guided journey. I hesitate in calling this a meditation, because it is NOT a meditation. This literally is an energetic journey where I will take you to your Sacred Place, this is the place you would have been given at birth if born in a Native American Indian tribe, like the Lipan Apache. From there I will be teaching you how to ground and protect yourself and invite you to bring in your loved ones to do the same. I will introduce you to the Animal Helpers from this place. Then I will teach you ways to utilize energy to create change. Most likely this call will be muted.

This call is invaluable. You will learn tools that will give you access to change all areas of your life including your future. This is all about creating a change for YOU, YOUR PLANET, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR LOVED ONES so that the predicted prophecies can change!! I am happy to receive your donation, just choose how much to donate, enter it in the box below, click add to cart and then click checkout!

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