“Gain The Tools And Confidence To Create Your Life Without Fear Or Limitations… Guaranteed!”

“This program was designed to easily strip away and remove the most common blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from living your ultimate dream life…”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Angela Gower-Johnson

You will be guided through 3 easy steps that will get you in to the habit of using generative questions that can create a different reality, give you new information to grow your money flows and your ability to create and energetic meditations that erase and remove blocks and limitations.


Step 1: Open to the Infinite

Open to the Infinite Possibilities was created to get you into using questions in an easy way that supports you in achieving your dream lifestyle. By using these you will open to the infinite possibilities, while replacing limiting beliefs. Ideally you don’t answer the questions, but with these questions it’s fine to play with them and start looking at things in a different way. What my clients love about this first step whether they are new to Access or have had some exposure is that there is a set of the most powerful questions on a huge variety of topics to get them into the routine of asking questions. This is just easy and all set up, ready for you to start asking questions and changing your blocks and limiting beliefs as you open up to the infinite possibilities!

1. Open to the Infinite:Audio Mp3’s: Open To The Infinite Audio set. These two audios are to be used in conjunction with the Open To Infinite Possibilities worksheet. There is a quick short version and a longer version and you can be listen to them while awake and asleep.

2. Open To The Infinite: Worksheet PDF of daily questions: The Open To Infinite Possibilities worksheet (in PDF format). This list of over Thirty questions and statements are designed to expand and challenge your understanding of what’s possible for your life. These are questions and statements that, if applied with zeal and authenticity, will open up a new world of abundance and possibility.

Step 2: Discover Your Greatness Program Videos

Angela’s FOURTEEN part video series, Discover Your Greatness is just under 2 hours of video from a private intensive seminar. The main focus of this seminar was how to have more confidence and more money. In these videos you will learn the foundation system of asking questions to erase and remove limiting beliefs and how to create your Ultimate Dream lifestyle.

Step 3: Discover Your Greatness Program Audios

Four deep audio meditations (energetic journeys) designed to strip away the most common blocks and limiting beliefs and any memories from your past that you are willing to either change or let go of. These four Energetic Journeys are designed to be used in order to start working on your core foundation (grounding, this is your base) and work up to you being your greatness in totality. In taking these journeys you will be able to access more of YOU and learn ways to create your Ultimate Dream lifestyle.


*Warning – only go through this audio and video series if you really want to experience dramatic shifts in your every day life!*

The Discover Your Greatness Program uses many modalities including NLP to melt away blocks and limiting beliefs while creating new possibilities.

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Tools for Change Full Program: ALL OF THE ABOVE AND

This program is designed as an at home study course to give you the tools to not only erase and remove more blocks and limitations but to also teach you the tools to how to create the ultimate life or your dreams and to be you in the process. There are over 25 hours of audio to immerse yourself in and to dive into a an easier more fun filled life!



Step 1: The Nine Day Challenge

The Nine Day Challenge will allow you to start having more awareness, more ease, peace and more trust and confidence with you. In using these tools you will realize how much information/emotion you pick up from other people, you can start to eliminate trauma and drama from your life AND you can pull back your energy from all the areas where you have given it away and are leaking it to others.

Who Does This Belong To? Audio for Days 1-3

What Do I Love About Trauma and Drama? Audio for Days 4-6

WOW! I Chose This! Now What Do I Choose? Audio for Days 7-9

Step 2: Business Awareness Skills Audios 1-6

These Business Awareness Skills audios are packed with information on how to create your Ultimate Dream lifestyle. Although they are called Business Awareness Skills, there are tools in each call that can be used in any area of your life and the training is about AWARENESS and you being more of YOU! You are an Infinite Being that has talents and abilities that are unique to you. Listening to these audios will support you in being all that you can be.

Step 3: Create Change While You Sleep

Create Change While You Sleep’ MP3s These MP3′s are around an hour long and are designed to be listened to while you sleep. When you listen to these audios at low volume while sleeping they will bypass any conscious resistance and start working at your core. It is perfectly fine to listen to these while awake! Each one of these audios were created with the most effective tools that have worked on me and my clients.

The While You Sleep Audios Are:


  1. Feel Good While You Sleep: These clearing questions are designed to allow you to have a better experience of you and to have much happier days.
  2. Clear Meanings While You Sleep: The questions in this audio are designed to allow you to let go of any meaning and judgments you have with things like money, your parents sex, clients, marketing and business.
  3. Unlock Your Talents and Abilities While You Sleep: This audio is designed to support you in unlocking YOUR gifts, YOUR talents and abilities. You have talents and abilities that are unique to you.
  4. Clear Abuse While You Sleep: Are you still choosing some sort or level of abuse in your life? This audio was made to support you in changing all of that! What if you could choose a life free of any type of abuse?
  5. Become You While You Sleep: This is my ultimate change audio. My favorite questions are the energy, space and consciousness questions.
  6. WOW! Process While You Sleep: This audio is part of the Nine Day Challenge and designed to have you pull back your power, potency and greatness from any situation or person that you were giving your power away to. This is an audio in Module 2: Step 1, BUT it is so powerful and and so essential to you being able to have complete trust and confidence in YOU that I am asking you to use it TWICE!



Step 1: Breaking Contracts, Pricing Products Audio and the Money
and Freedom Audio

Breaking Contracts is a Native American technique for changing the dynamics of a relationship where you are benefiting less than the other person. On this audio you will be walked through the entire process so you can change any relationship where you are getting the short end of the stick.

Pricing Products is also on this audio and you will learn the basics of how to price your products authentically.

The Money and Freedom audio gives you information on how to have more money and freedom.

Step 2: Clearing Entities Audio While You Sleep

This audio will clear your space and the space around your loved ones
of any entities that are ‘sticking around’ and haven’t been able to move on.
This process is brilliant to use as an ‘energetic shower’. It can leave you feeling
clean on the outside and the inside.

Entities are beings with no bodies. They can effect us or the people around us. This audio can be listened to clear entities that are around you, in your house or affecting how other people treat you. If  you called me up and said that someone was acting a bit mean towards you for no reason, I would suggest you use the entity clearing. In a nutshell entity clearings make things run more smoothly.

Step 3: Creating Money & Choice, More Than Just Surviving
While You Sleep AND Being YOU and Having Money

Creating Money & Choice, More Than Just Surviving  AND Being YOU and Having Money are While You Sleep Audios that are designed to create more choice and possibility while giving you more access to phenomenal YOU that you truly be! These are two While You Sleep audios are the ones my clients talk about the most!

What if you could start living from choice rather than at affect? What if you could
more than survive? Are you willing to have more money and choice?



Step 1: Energy Ball, Contribution, Trauma and Drama Audio PLUS
Spherical Game, Change and Choice Audio

Energy Ball is an Access Consciousness way of creating the life of your dreams in detail.

This audio talks about the Energy Ball process and gives you the foundation for doing it the way I learned it.

Spherical Game is a process I created from a concept I learned from someone in Access Consciousness.

It is a way of creating change for you in the here and now by using past, present and future.

Step 2: Body Pendulum and Energy Ball Audio 

Body Pendulum is the first step in building communication with your body. It is my belief that your body has awareness, more awareness than you could ever possibly imagine. What if your body is constantly picking up information and knowledge? Body Pendulum teaches you how to start communication and tapping into the awareness that is available to you. If you have bought into the lie that you can’t ‘read’ energy for yourself, this is the perfect tool for you! Learn this step to get any information to whatever questions you have where you weren’t able to get clear answers before.

On this call I will go through the Energy Ball process again, BUT this time I do it my way. For years I would teach this process the way I learned it, only to have the same people ask me how to do it. Finally on this call when I was asked to teach it AGAIN! The person asking how to do the Energy Ball again was the first person to energetically tell me that she wanted to learn the energy BEHIND doing the Energy Ball. On this audio will you experience the energy of the Energy Ball.

Step 3: Change, Change, Change Audio

Change, Change, Change is an audio of a teleclass where I talked all about CHANGE. If you would
like to change anything in your life, then this is the call for you!

BONUS Step 4: Weasel Call/De-molecular Manifestation, Molecular De-manifestation

 Weasel Call/Demolecular Manifestation, Molecular Demanifestation teleclass was created when my husband ran over a weasel and brought home the weasel to die in peace.  I ran the Access Consciousness Body Process Demolecular Manifestation on the weasel that was struggling to breathe, had a visible kink in his back (his hind legs where about 90 degrees to his head). I asked him one simple Access question and ran the body process for 2 minutes. Within 10 minutes it was as if he had never been hit by the car.  He devoured a whole raw chicken leg in no time at all and was released back into the wild the next day.

SPECIAL BONUS Step 5: Surprise Video

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