To Your Infinite Success While You Are Living and Sleeping!

Thank you thank you thank you so MUCH for taking a step of faith and investing into yourself!

For each of the audio packages as well as the PDF Open To The Infinite Worksheet, simply click on each link and then save them to a place on your computer where you’ll be able to access them.

For the Discover Your Greatness Video series, simply click on the link and then bookmark it so you can come back to it again and again!

What I recommend is that you take a bit of time to dive into
the program below before having your private session with me.
You are more than welcome to have your private session immediately!
What will be rewarding for you?

Please let me know what day and time works best for you during Monday –
Friday 7am – 1pm Eastern. Give me two dates and times and I will do my
best to get your appointment booked in for one of those times!

Woo hoo!! What are the infinite possibilities here? How much are you
ready to receive?

What else is possible?



Two Open To The Infinite Audios (audios)

To get the best benefit from this audio I advise that
you listen to it every single night and every morning
for 21 days. For more phenomenal rewards you can
listen to the long version of the audio at night while
you sleep for 21 days.

Open To The Infinite Worksheet (PDF Format)

This is a way for you to with total ease read out
the Questions for this part of the program, out
loud, every single morning for 21 days. You are
more than welcome to go for MORE change
and shoot for 31 days, or MORE!!!

I recommend that you read the questions out loud.
You can listen to the audio and follow along with
the PDF or just read the questions from the PDF.
There is something ‘different’ about reading the
questions out loud as opposed to in your head.

Angela’s Discover Your Greatness Program (password for this page is beyourbliss)

The Discover Your Greatness Program is was designed to give the clients
that signed up to work intensively with me a platform and foundation to
start creating phenomenal change in their lives, relationships and business.

The Discover Your Greatness Program uses many modalities including
NLP to melt away blocks and limiting beliefs while creating new possibilities.

The videos should be watched four times each to get the most from them.

The meditations must be listened to in order, starting with the Grounding.
For best results each meditation should be listened to at least 21 times
for the optimum results. You can have all the audios playing on a low
volume all through the night for best results.

9 Day Challenge:

Do the 9 Day Change Your Life Program.
To clear 93% of everything that has held you
back, do this 9 Day Challenge.

3 Days of: Who Does This Belong To? Return to sender
with consciousness attached.

Who Does This Belong To Sleep Audio

3 Days of: What Do I Love About Trauma and Drama?

What Do You Love About Trauma and Drama Sleep Audio

3 Days of: WOW! I Chose This! Now What Do I Choose?

WOW! Process While You Sleep Audio

You run these processes for as much of your waking time as
possible. You will forget to do it for a while, but once you remember
you just start up again running the process. You might want to set
an alarm on your phone or watch for every 15-20 minutes to remind
you that you are doing a 9 Day Change Your Life Challenge!

Six Part While You Sleep Audio Series (audio series)

Listen to these for a minimum of 21 days each. These
were designed to give you the questions that my clients
and I have found the most powerful, magical and life

BONUS: Two Amazing Calls

Body Pendulum and Energy Ball Class

The next call is one of my all time favorite calls. I talk about a
Weasel that Julian ran over with the car and then brought home
to me. It was paralyzed and dying and I asked it if it was aware
that there was a different possibility and ran a body process
on it for two minutes. Within 10 minutes it was like the Weasel
had never been hit by the car. What are the infinite possibilities
of this body process and call for you? Are you aware that there
is a different possibility with your body? With your business?
With your finances?

Weasel Call