Are You a Business Owner (or Aspiring Business Person) Who Has Always Known that More Should Be Possible for You and Your Business But, You JUST DO NOT KNOW HOW to Get There?

Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Awareness Mentor

Have You Followed all of the, “Traditional Business Strategies,” Come Up Short, and Now Believe that YOU and Your Business are Destined to FAIL?

What if attending this class would provide you with Tools, Processes and Techniques that Actually produce TANGIBLE results in your life, RIGHT AWAY?

What if these tools, processes and techniques could be used on yourself, your business,
clients and loved ones? In each monthly POD (group) class you will have the opportunity
to get support with YOUR specific issue or challenge. What if this is will expand your success,
amp up your energy and tap you into the Infinite Possibilities available for you?

What if this could be more fun, phenomenal and rewarding then you ever imagined possible?

What is it?

This online class is a 1.5 hour, monthly live streamed web class, facilitated by world renowned
Business Awareness Skills Coach and Infinite Possibilities Expert, Angela Gower-Johnson (of the UK). Angela utilizes her 25+ years of coaching expertise, along with Access Consciousness™ techniques to FREE You and your Business from ALL the Limiting, Debilitating, Oppressive “Boxes” and beliefs you are currently “STUCK” in!

What is included in the class?

To ensure everyone is ready to take full advantage of these classes, Angela has generously
included step one of her coaching program, which consists of 14 videos and 4 meditations to
be completed prior to attending the class.

Once the class begins, Angela leads the group through clearing various blocks/issues
associated with ALL Aspects of Business and relationships, utilizing the various Tools,
Techniques and Processes you were introduced to in the step one video series.

In addition to the homework assignments, each participant will also receive
an MP3 recording of the class to listen to again and again. You will be amazed at how
much information you will find on the recording and it will exponentialize the value of your
investment via repeat listening.

Who is this class FOR?

Business people and aspiring business people who are interested in Improving and Expanding the Success of their Business and stepping up to demand of themselves that NO MATTER what it takes, they will LIVE the LIFE THE HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF.

The first introductory LiveStream Video Class will be held on Sunday, June 24, 2012
5:30pm BST (British Standard Time)/ 12:30pm EDT (New York, USA)
If you do not already have a profile on, I recommend that you visit the site in advance of the class, register and get your free profile set up so that you will be ready to log in when class begins.

This is the first in a series of monthly classes. When you join you will be subscribing to a monthly payment. You will be automatically registered for the next class, which will take place in July. You can cancel the recurring payment through Paypal at any time.

If you are not familiar with Paypal you can email me at: with any questions.