Videos and Testimonials from Present and Past Clients!

Suzanna Rose LubkowskiHi Friends,

I have been working with Angela for several months now. As she says so often to us, I ADORE HER!

She has rocked my world! Access ideas were a new concept to me; but my Spirit was ready for them because they have now become a part of my life and my day! I am seeing major life changing shifts; a broader perspective than I had thought possible.

Like Angela, I was a student of Abraham Hicks and still am! The Access tools have become the next layer of innovative tools to continue to deepen my awareness and take me to new levels.

I love Angela’s calls! She shares herself generously and openly! She truly is the contribution to everyone that she interacts with; providing new insights and a true compassion and caring to support and expand our worlds! I am very thankful the Universe brought Angela into my life and I know she will bless and contribute to yours as well! How can it get any better than this!! Thank you Angela!

Suzanne Rose Lubkowski

Kirsten-LewisI have had HUGELY positive results from working with Angela! She is the “real” thing! It’s simply amazing to me how much it has made a BIG difference so quickly in so many areas of my life including my business, relationships and even in my sport ~ the results are extraordinary and just about everywhere in my life. She truly has a gift to change your life for the incredible and positive. What’s fantastic is the results have been both very tangible and emotional. I have studied and worked with a great many people on realizing your greatness and Angela is truly one of the most gifted I have met and ever worked with. She is incredibly inspiring and gifted and gives you the tools you need to keep the amazing-ness coming and coming.

When you work with Angela your life will begin shifting immediately for the positive and even the extraordinary.

Kirsten Lewis
Inspired Advisor & Kirsten’s Awesome Quest

Elliot-Kay“I have worked with Angela now for 6 months, I can see the shifts and changes in me in a MASSIVE way. Her no nonsense yet caring approach has tripled my growth. But wait there is more, I have worked with a lot of coachs and non have had the effect and given so many tools to use on a daily bases and an added bonus is to know that I can skype her at anytime. I am attracting bigger clients and my conduct is much calmer and the results are coming in on a GLOBAL scale. I recommend Angela a million times over, how did I get to be so lucky?”