Angela Bear, Business Awareness Mentor

What If You Could Make DRASTIC, INFINITE Changes While You Slept?

What if you had infinitely more power than you can even imagine? If you could be, do and have absolutely anything? If you could walk in your power, own it, be it?

Imagine what your life would look like. Where would you be living? What would you be doing? Who would you be spending your time with?

What if you could completely shift your mindset from what you believe you know to be true – such as the fact that you are limited by how much money you make, which is also limited by what education you have, which is limited by the opportunities you believed you had as a child, etc.  – to what is actually true?

And What If You Could Start Doing This In Your Sleep?

The exciting thing is it’s absolutely possible!

And this course is designed to show you exactly how to unlock many of the secrets and find the answers you are looking high and low for.

As you sleep, your body, mind, and spirit are infinitely clearer, more aligned, and more open to possibilities than when you’re awake. When awake, your mind bogs you down. It limits you with logic, with the quest for reasonable answers.

But when you sleep, those little boxes are opened, and the deepest parts of you are free to wander out into much more limitless worlds.

How Will This Course Help You?

This course is going to do several things:

  1. It’s going to help you clear out many of the limiting beliefs you have accepted, invented, or otherwise invited into your life, whether knowingly or unknowingly. If you are a rocket ship waiting to blast off into the deepest reaches of possibilities, then these beliefs have kept you grounded on the launch pad. This course will shatter many of the chains holding you down.
  2. After shattering these limitations, you will be challenged by a series of questions designed to get you asking “Now What Are The Infinite Possibilities For Me?” By walking through these questions and meditating on them, you will begin to see opportunities, relationships, and resources you hadn’t previously seen in your life. In short, you will begin to better percieve the abundance that is right before your eyes!

Imagine what a life of abundance looks like for you!

What’s Included:

Once you purchase your brand new Infinite Success While You Sleep program by hitting the Paypal button below, you will be given INSTANT ACCESS to:

  • Angela’s FOURTEEN part video series, Discover Your Greatness as well as Four deep audio meditations that will fundamentally shift your understanding of who you are and what’s been holding you back from the passions, dreams, and desires burning within you! *Warning – only go through this audio and video series if you really want to experience dramatic shifts in your every day life!*
  • Angela’s Six While You Sleep MP3s These MP3′s are around an hour long and are designed to be listened to while you sleep. When you listen to these audios at low volume while sleeping they will bypass any conscious resistance and start working at your core. These include:
    1. Feel Good While You Sleep: – These clearing questions are designed to allow you to
      have a better experience of you and to have much happier days.
    2. Clear Meanings While You Sleep – The questions in this audio are designed to allow you to let go of any meaning and judgments you have with things like money, your parents sex, clients, marketing and business.
    3. Unlock Your Talents and Abilities While You Sleep – This audio is designed to support you in unlocking YOUR gifts, YOUR talents and abilities. You have talents and abilities that are unique to you.
    4. Clear Abuse While You Sleep – Are you still choosing some sort or level of abuse in your life? This audio was made to support you in changing all of that! What if you could choose a life free of any type of abuse?
    5. Become You While You Sleep – This is my ultimate change audio. My favorite questions are the energy, space and consciousness questions.
    6. WOW! Process While You Sleep – This audio is designed to get you to pull back your power, potency and greatness from any situation or person that you’ve been giving your power away to.
  • The Open To Infinite Possibilities worksheet (in PDF format). This list of over Thirty questions and statements are designed to expand and challenge your understanding of what’s possible for your life. These are questions and statements that, if applied with zeal and authenticity, will open up a new world of abundance and possibility.
  • Open To The Infinite Audio set. These two audios are to be used in conjunction with the Open To Infinite Possibilities worksheet. They can be listened to while awake and asleep.
  • 9 Day Change Your Life Challenge This challenge (program) is designed to eliminate 93% of whatever it is that has been holding you back. Whether it is other people’s thoughts and emotions, trauma and drama or lack of trust in yourself or others. This program is designed to eliminate 93% of all of that!

“…massively rewarding…”

Normally Angela would charge almost $6300 just for the Six While You Sleep MP3s! But she’s decided that this information is SO VALUABLE and Life Changing that she wants everyone to be able to get their hands on it.

Normally, Angela would charge almost $6300

So….she’s reduced the price (even while adding more goodies) and is only charging $97.00 FOR EVERYTHING included here!

“I’m happy in a relationship, my finances have turned around, my business has taken leaps and bounds.”
“I’ve got a lot more peace of mind.”

Thank you SO MUCH, and I look forward to your success!

Big Hugs and Infinite Gratitude,

P.S. – You WON’T regret your new Infiniteness!

P.P.S. Angela has added TWO BONUSES to this package. There is
a call that will talk you how to run a ‘body process’, this is one of
Angela’s favorite calls and it is the most listened to and purchased
call from her clients. The other BONUS call is on how to do the
‘Body Pendulum’ and MORE. The Body Pendulum is a way of
using your body to get ‘yes and no’ answers.


ALL of the above Infinite Success package AND a Private One to One Session
with Angela. In your private session you can get information, energetic clearings
and support in any area of your life (business, relationships, health/body).
The session will be carried out via Skype or phone. You will receive a recording
of the session so you can listen to it and the energetic clearings as many times
as you like.

Angela would normally charge over $300 for a 30 minute private session.

Get the Infinite Success package AND the Private Session for just $247.
With this package not only are you getting over 10 hours of audios to
listen to, a video seminar and a step by step guide on how to use the
program to get the best results, you are also getting a Private One to
One Session to get clear on what is showing up for YOU!

Will this be fun for you? Will this be rewarding? Is this what your body wants?
Is this what your business requires?