Wow! I have video on my website!

I’ve realized that out of all the forms of communication I find video the most challenging. The funny thing is the more challenging I have found it the worse my videos are getting.

What I so wish I could convey to you is how intensely I desire your success. Today I uploaded the videos that I most recently made, warts and all! I’m just going to take it for granted that you get a feel for me now. In the meantime I will make the videos again. What would it take for them to be fantastic this time round?

I’m finding it hilarious that when I work I can be so switched on and present, put a camera before me and words go fluttering away like butterflies!

How does it get any better than this?

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Gower-Johnson, IPPE

Infinite Possibilities Process Expert

Skype: Angela Gower-Johnson

What phenomenal results can we generate together?

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One Response to “Wow! I have video on my website!”

  1. Angela, you are too funny! Take heart – “bad” video is totally “in” these days. The more natural and authentic you are, the more comfortable your viewer is. It’s great that you’re not too practiced. Don’t worry – it gets easier! I’m just getting started with video myself…I honor your courage!

    Great info too! Please keep ‘em coming!

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