Why you shouldn't say, "This is as good as it gets"

I’ve been asking people, “How does it get any better than this?”  It is fascinating the replies I get from this question.  I have been using the tools of Access Consciousness and part of that is about staying in question to unlock and open the doors to infinite opportunity; as opposed to going into decision, judgment, conclusion and computation that locks a person into the finite.

Today I had quite a few correspondences from people saying, “This is as good as it gets”.  Do you ever say that? Do you ever think ‘this is it, nothing can be better than this’?

What if just by going into question it could get better? What if it got so good not only were you amazed and impressed, but so was all of your friends, family and peers?

I’m amazed at how so many people go through life believing that what they have is their ‘lot’.  As if that’s it…
What if you purpose in life was to have fun?  What if you had the knowledge, tools and support to do what you truly desire?  What if money, status, geography, health and self doubt were no longer barriers.

What if going into question not only demolishes barriers but also erases the limiting beliefs that created the barriers in the first place?

Who can contribute to you living the life of your dreams?

What can contribute to you knowing there is more and you can have it?

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Bear Gower-Johnson

Be the infinite possibilities!

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