What Is Meditation?

What is meditation? What is the purpose of meditating?  What do you get from meditating? Why does it work for some and not for others? I really am asking you these questions to find out more about meditation.

I have been training in Access Consciousness for well over 3 years now. Honestly I have lost track of how long it’s been and it really doesn’t matter that much to me anymore. I’m pretty sure Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, hasn’t promoted meditation as a tool to support consciousness. Gary is ALL ABOUT Consciousness. I really adore him for that!! I’ve found it frustrating because it’s made me look at people that I was hoping to work with or do Joint Ventures with and it’s surprising at who is doing what and how much they really are about consciousness. (Anyway, that’s another story, for another day!)

I LOVE the tools of Access Consciousness, but I also LOVE meditations. But I am not sure if what I do is what most people would call meditation, I’ve actually started to call it an Energetic Journey.

In a nutshell for me meditation is all about getting out of Beta and into Alpha. From a Native American perspective if you are in Alpha you are ‘meditating’. It’s more of a state of being than a doing. There is a plethora of information on the internet about Beta and Alpha Brainwaves. My favorite Native American Indian quote about Beta is, “You should get the hell out and never go back”.

In Beta you have NO access to any spiritual, occult or supernatural experiences. Basically you have no access to YOU, the Greatness of You. Once you get into Alpha you are then able to access more of your perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.

My first form of ‘meditation’ was chanting. I spent over 20 years practicing Buddhism and chanted most days. I’m a bit of an extreme person and I remember one January when I chanted for 6 hours a day for 21 days.  Chanting (out loud) is a great way to get what in NLP they would call the “conscious mind” to step aside so that the “unconscious mind” comes forward.  Another way to explain it is that your hectic flipping through thoughts, feelings, emotions, your to do list, your what happened list, etc. slows down and moves aside so that you can have a bit of peace, ease and space in your head.

In the years of working I have found many people that can’t sit and do a typical ‘meditation’. Their brain is working too fast. It’s running on: What’s next? What’s next? What’s the next thing? Getting a person that is flipping through 900 thoughts a minute to walk peacefully in a green lush forest with no thoughts apart from the smell of the forest and that pretty bird in the tree is like getting a car driving at 325 miles an hour to drop down to a steady 35 miles per hour in 30 seconds or less with no idea of where or how to use the break. How easy would that be? The best way to slow down is to match that speed with something else and gradually slow the pace.

One of the main reasons I LOVE Access is because the simple act of running the questions out loud IS an active form of meditation. Just by physically speaking them you can tap into more courage, more greatness, more of you!  Scientifically, this means YOU can drop down into Alpha. If you just go with the questions, just keep saying them over and over and over again. You aren’t going to go from Beta to Alpha just by saying them 3 times.  I would recommend that you find a question or set of questions and run them 30 times a day for 30 days. By day 3 you will most probably slip right into Alpha.

With Energetic Journeying what I do is invite people to a different state of being. I set the energy and space and ask people to join me there. I learned this from the Native Americans and also from learning the Shamanics Behind NLP with Richard Bandler. For me ‘meditations’ are a groovy way of doing energy work on whoever is participating.

When I hear the word ‘meditation’ I automatically see what I saw doing an active form of  meditation in the Pine Barrens, NJ. It was doing an energetic journey, eyes open and allowing the landscape to change while physically walking.

My Native teachers taught me that I should live in a constant state of meditation. This did not mean sitting on the top of a mountain drinking my own urine. (YUCK!!) It is about being me, the best that I can be, away from the ‘monkey mind’ and open to being a contribution to everyone and everything around me.

I know that normal meditations work for loads of people. I have a very good friend that goes to a weekly meditation and she gets so much from it. Personally, the only meditations that have worked for me are the energetic/active meditations.

What is meditation for you? What is your experience with it?

Big Hugs,

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