What If Asking Questions Could Irrevocably Change Your Life?

Today Inspire Me Today is featuring Dr. Dain Heer.  Please go and read the life changing insights that are available to you!

Dr. Dain Heer has trained in bringing more ease, joy and comfort in bodies and within people lives.  Dr. Dain was based in California, but now travels all over the world teaching others how to have more consciousness, awareness and ease in their bodies. He is also one of the main facilitators of Access Consciousness and has dedicated his life to expanding consciousness on the planet.  Having had personal sessions with Dr. Dain; verbal sessions, as well as body work, I can highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for more ease and awareness within  themselves, their lives and their bodies.

Please join Inspire Me Today so you can listen to Gail Lynne Goodwin’s interview of Dr. Dain Heer.

You can find out more about Dr. Dain Heer at Access Being.

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Bear Gower-Johnson

Be the infinite possibilities!

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