What Have I Been Up To

Today was a bit of a funk day for me…. until I actually
started running the Questions of the Week.

We have puppies for sale and we are still looking for homes for 5 puppies.
For some reason I made this whole finding puppy homes thing stressful
and significant. Here’s the best video of all the videos I made with a friend of
mine today. Just thinking about it makes me laugh! It was pure mayhem!

Stumpy, by the way, is now called Truffles 2.0. Julian has renamed him. He
had the Stumpy name for all of 18 hours…

I’ve started running the question: What does selling all the puppies in the
next two weeks mean to me? And clearing everything that comes up. It is
amazing how much resistance I have to the puppies selling easily and quickly.
My fear is that they will never sell. So, I looked at the energy of that and that was
a lie. Worse case scenario is we will have a puppy or a few puppies around for a while
longer. I’m OK with that.

My awareness is if I create the puppies selling quickly then I have to really
acknowledge my greatness and potency and be more impressive. (Who does
that belong to? Return to sender with consciousness attached)

To make the question even lighter I am runing: What does selling the puppies
mean to me? That way there is no time frame and I’m not making it more finite
by adding all the puppies.

I have been asking the puppies for weeks who they would like to own. That’s
a story for another post. If you would like to know more about selling, please do
let me know!

Big Hugs,

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