What Else Is Possible?

“What Else Is Possible?” is one of the questions of the week.

It’s early in the morning and I have used it already. It is a cold, wet and
blowy day here in Chale. That I am fine with. I have my far-infrared mat
to keep me warm and happy.

What wasn’t so fun is waking up to a membership cancelation email. I’m
getting so much better at receiving these. It also helps that I don’t buy
into contextual reality. Don’t you love people that shove reality down
your throat? Apparently if you have a continuity program people stay
in it from one to 3 months. That just doesn’t work for me! And apparently
that doesn’t work for my clients either as they stay longer.

Anyway, a client cancelled and my immediate reaction was to be a bit
bummed. Then I started asking: What else is possible?

Now, I could have stopped there, at just asking the question. But I’m
on this active mission of being my happiness and greatness in totality
so I made the demand to perceive the possibilities with asking that
question a few more times.

What I mean by this is I received the cancellation email and I went into
lack, she did cancel, so obviously I was minus! It is so easy to tap into
the loss and lack that other people experience! By asking the question
I was acknowledging and demanding another possibility.

By actively perceiving the possibilities I was choosing something different.
I was choosing more for me, my happiness and my greatness. What else
is possible?

What else is possible for you? Where can you use “What Else Is Possible?”

Big Hugs,

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One Response to “What Else Is Possible?”

  1. Maria says:

    Thanks Angela, I had a cancelation too, plus some other turn downs, so I see how it is tempting to drop for a moment.
    What else is possible?
    I really can’t wait to see the infinite possibilities!

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