What Do I Love About Superiority?

What do I love about superiority? What do you love about superiority?
What does superiority mean to you? Everything that is destroy and uncreate
it all times a godzillion, right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys
and beyonds.

My pet peeve of the day is superiority. I gifted someone the Discover Your Greatness
program as I was in discussion about being interviewed. What I didn’t realize is that
her show was all about promoting herself and her JV partner. Whatever happened
to a simple acknowledgement of a gift. Actually, I wouldn’t have cared whether she
had acknowledged the gift or not if she hadn’t justified that an interview wasn’t a fit because I ‘don’t know how to market’. Umm, last time I checked I have clients and a business. How exactly did I do that? What has my skills and marketing have to do with
how I well I interview or not?

What do I love about superiority? What is superiority? The thing is I DO SUPERIORITY.
Yes, I do!!! I not only do it, but I break my own rule in NOT justifying things to justify
doing my superiority!! How cute is that?

My justification for superiority is that I have spent over 23 years studying, training and
implementing personal growth, personal development and spiritual tools. I have also
spent in excess of $550,000 in that education. Also, I have trained with some of the
most amazing people who could actually do things. Like with the Native Americans
they were magic, what they did was mouth dropping to the floor, then I trained and
worked closely with Richard Bandler, same jaw to the floor MAGIC, then I trained with
Abraham-Hicks, you know the drill with the OMG MAGIC and now I am training with
Access Conscious, the possibilities that I have from that are phenomenal. Access Consciousness has been the most mind blowing training I’ve experienced! What I have
learned and done has been beyond anything I could ever imagine!

OK, so perhaps I am not everyones cup of tea! That’s OK. I’m so happy to be ME!!
Even if I do superiority and love it, when I claim to hate it. Even though I justify
my superiority. By the way, I don’t do personal superiority. I am the first person to
say that I am not perfect, I don’t have every single thing figured out, I still have
my buttons pushed.

I do have more justifications for superiority. My big ones are:
1) Native American Medicine People, three of them, spent their own time and money
to come out to the UK to train me (on a one to one basis) in Native American Medicine.
I’ve not heard anyone else having that experience.
2) I actively actualize things that should be impossible. For example oil in my tank, the kind for heating houses, moving a telephone pole, and actualizing durian crisps. The last one doesn’t sound so ‘WOW’ but I assure you for me it was!! With the durian crisps I manifested them, then I went into lack and de-manifested them, and then I got into the beingness of making them physical again! It taught me more of where I need to function
from for creating something.

I’m not a guru. My whole intent is to teach the tools for you to be your own master!
I only find what I do amazing when someone else claims to be better than me. I believe
my training and what I can do is possibly better than what most do and I believe that to
be superiority! But I would never say I am better than you, or anyone else, it’s not what I believe of me or you!

You, my beautiful friend are amazing! You are an absolute gift! I apologize for every single
time anyone has made themselves seem bigger or better than you! That, my friend is a lie. No one is better than you! You are huge gift to this planet!

Thank you for being you! I adore you!

Big Huge Hugs,

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One Response to “What Do I Love About Superiority?”

  1. Lizzie Soteriou says:

    Angela, you are pure awesomeness. I love this blog and all you do xxxxx

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