Weasel Update

Yesterday Julian hit a weasel with the car. He brought the weasel home and I ran
a body process on him called De-Molecular Manifestation Molecular De-manifestation.
The weasel went from not being able to use it’s back legs and the latter half of it’s
body to being released back into the wild where it came from today.

After running the body process on the weasel he yawned a few times, started eating and today his
leg that had not been working that well yesterday after the treatment was completely fine.

Here’s a photo of Julian with the weasel in a cat box at his release site.

I took one last photo of the weasel before he bound out of the cat carrier and became part of nature again!

I wasn’t able to catch the weasel on film as he left the cat carrier and re-emerged into nature. I did get a photo of what
he saw from the cat carrier and where he went into!

If you would like to learn more about the body process I used on the weasel please go to:

What are the infinite possibilities here?

With Big Hugs and Infinite Gratitude,

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