Update On How I BE

After taking the dogs for a lovely walk by the cliff and FINALLY
running all the questions out loud I am choosing to be ME!!

How does it get any better than this?

I ran all the questions from my previous post out loud and even
cried a little. I am not clear on what I will choose tomorrow. Keep
communicating with family or not… Right now I am choosing to
be ME, to have total ease.

If you are on my calls then you know that for me the most powerful
way to use the questions is to run them out loud. I get to places
like I did today where I am only running them in my head. I believe
in ‘anchoring’ while running the questions. For me this means taking
the dogs to “Long Grass Short Grass” which is a cliff walk near my
house. I run the questions as loud as I like. So, going there with the
dogs it is easy to step back into running the questions out loud, even
if I am in a funk.

Anchoring is like an ingrained routine. What would it take for you to
create a running questions anchor?

Big Hugs,

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