The Happy Dog – Interview with Suzy Godsey

Today I had the great pleasure of interviewing Suzy Godsey.  Suzy is phenomenal at creating a better relationship between dogs and their owners.  I met Suzy at an Access Consciousness class and then participated in The Happy Dog show that she hosts on BlogTalkRadio.
From just one conversation with Suzy I was able to rectify my very large male dog’s bad behaviour of having cloth ears when I called him.

Please listen to this show to get some great information on how to have different possibilities with your dog!

Happy Listening!


What possibilities are available to you and your dog?

Suzy and I both recommend Access Consciousness!

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Bear Gower-Johnson

Be the infinite possibilities!

More about Suzy:

Suzy grew up in Germany in an apartment which did not allow dogs. So she decided to have imaginary dogs that she “walked” in the neighborhood. They all had names, which she called out loud, often raising eyebrows of passerby’s. It was not till she was about 12 that her first real dog came into her life. But his dog turned out to be a large, aggressive dog, which made her aware that most “problems” around dogs are created by the people they live with. Later in life she became a dog walker and had times of walking over 20 dogs off leash at a time! This taught her a lot about dog behavior and most of what she learned she learned from the dogs! During that time she also got introduced to the Access Consciousness tools and Gary Douglas encouraged her to use them with the dogs. As she started to facilitate more and more dogs and their owners she realized that the tools of Access Consciousness combined with more and more awareness about dogs, made the process faster and more effective. Her target has been to rehabilitate dogs by making the owners aware of their contribution to the issue, as well as assisting the dogs and people in giving up their points of view.

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