The Beauty Of Allowance

On Saturday I did my second Happy Body, Happy Business call. It was
was so much fun and I was able to tackle some issues on judgments for
people. I had been playing with the energy of judgment and I was finally
able to receive and give the best clearing statements for judgment!

What else is possible?

On Sunday I went to retrieve the recording of the call. There was no recording.
It didn’t even show as there having been a call. In the past I would have panicked.

To be honest I did get a bit into what would happen if there really was no recording.
I went so far as to call the company and stay on hold for over half an hour only to
be told that there was such a high volume of callers that I would have to leave a
message. On a SUNDAY?? :) So, at this point I could have really lost it. To be
fair there was no sign of my recording for the awesome class!! AND then to wait
on hold only to not get any result!! HUMPH!!!

Being a manipulator of energy I wasn’t too bothered with all of it. I was on
the tight thin rope of creating something different. I could take it either way,
continue to have no recording, or I could make the recording appear.

At times like this I do my best to not take too much physical action. I do
like to cover my bases/butt. So I did leave a message and I did fill out
a report on the website. I then left it to myself to get to a better feeling
place and to choose something different.

The energy of this week is all about ALLOWANCE. The Question of
the Week is: What allowance can I be here?

This morning I didn’t even bother looking to see if the recording was
there. I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’. Meaning I wasn’t willing to create it.

I made the recording for the Question of the Week and that gave me
the tiny bit of ‘something’, energy, choice, whatever to choose something
different. I then went back to the website and VOILA the recording was

This was not a huge surprise! Because I knew I was open to having it be there.
I had been toying around with having to send out emails to everyone with the
bad news that there was no recording. That is the old me. The me that loved
some good old fashion trauma and drama. Now I like ease…

What allowance can you be here?

What if being in allowance, instead of resistance is a way for
you to create magic?

Thank you for being the gift of you!

I adore you!

Big Huge Hugs,

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