Questions of the Week

Every week I look at the energy of my clients as individuals, I look at the
energy of the group, I look at the energy of business and then I look at
the energy of the planet and I create questions to support my clients in
the coming week.

This weeks questions are:

What else is possible?

What does _____ mean to you? Everything that is destroy and uncreate it all right, wrong, good,
bad, all 9, POD, POC, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

As a HUGE thank you for being YOU I am gifting you the audio here:
(Right click on the blue to download)

      April 16

My beautiful client Michelle Casto helped me in amping up the energy of the
questions this week. Michelle’s question is: What doing doing a live event mean to you?

What if for everything that showed up in your life you were to ask: What else is possible?
What if just by asking that question you can invite new possibilities?

What does ______ mean to you? What does doing ________ mean to you? Are questions
to help clear whatever is holding you back from what you like. Michelle’s example is a live event that
comes about with ease, joy and glory and is a phenomenal success. My example is
Nightingale Conant and Sounds True. I would love to have products in either (or both
places). So, I would run: What does it mean to have a product published by Sounds
/Nightengale Conant? For me I am still going into I have to be ‘discovered’. By
running the question until there is no answer and no negative talk about not being good,
enough or whatever so that I’m allowing that thing to show up.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Big Hugs,

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4 Responses to “Questions of the Week”

  1. Lisa Lane says:

    Thank you for the questions Angela. I have been using What else is possible? and How does it get any better then this? Every time I get an order on my website I say these questions and I also get at least 2 more after that.
    Thank you Angela for the potency you BE!!

  2. angela says:

    Beautiful Lisa, I love how the questions are really working to expand your
    business. I am delighted every time you share your stories! Thank you!!
    Let me know how you use that meaning question as well. I’ve been using
    it on loads of things! Big Hugs, Angela

  3. Graham says:

    Hi Angela, I listened to the 2 questions of the week that I received in my e-mail account; can you explain why you ask the same question several times rather than just once? Is this so that your mind retains it more / dwells on it more deeply? Just trying to understand the reasoning behind the questioning; is your philosophy/ belief that the questioning is more important than the answer likewise saying that the destination of a journey is unimportant but the actual journey is, thanks Angela

  4. angela says:

    Dear Graham,
    Thank you so much for the question.
    Ideally if a question is one that you really need you would
    run that question 30 times a day for 30 days. The more you
    run it the more you clear. Ultimately it is all about choice,
    but when repeating questions your mind gets bored and
    you go into Alpha. Check out my post on meditation.

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