Are you giving more than your clients are able to receive?

Do your clients leave with more than they came from?

What if delivering exactly what your client is asking for would make it easier for them to come back to YOU time and time again? What if knowing and giving what your client is looking for, that and not much more, will build on relationship of trust and confidence?
What if giving too much is detrimental to you and your client?

Today I had a message from a Facebook friend.  The reply I gave her is valuable to anyone who works with delivering to people…

I have edited the original message to leave out person details.

Angela, hi, we talked once, I’m from abetalk . Since I got one job that is actually card reading, I wonder if you have some advice for me, because some people are very hard on hearing that some spiritual work is necessary for them to come where they want. They want prophecy and have some resistace when I’m telling them spritual ways of achieving. And I have a lot to say , but there is no bridge from the other side, they tend to pick small info and go ( it’s over the phone ). I’d like some hint if you get some. Love, and thanks!

Thank you so much for asking me this!

As energy readers it is easy for us to see a persons full potential and what steps will lead to that.

What I have learned is to ask the person energetically how much they are willing to receive.

It’s uncomfortable for others to be given more than what they are asking for. It’s like going to a

fancy restaurant and placing an order for steak and a salad and getting that plus a lobster, soup and
lasagna. You won’t feel comfortable eating all that food and quite possible wouldn’t be capable of eating
it all, no matter how good it looks and feels. Then on top of that you will feel bad because you know you
are ‘expected’ to eat it all.and the nice restaurant just gave you ALL this food…

If your callers are asking for just snippets of information when you can offer them a thesis on life and the

Universe, give them what they ask for. If you must give them more, than limit it to 5% more of what they
are asking. Even that may be too much…

When I work with people I ask them straight out what it is they are looking to get from ‘this’ session. I get

clear on what they are looking for and give them that; even when I know I can give them life changing
information on a jewel encrusted platinum platter, I give them what they are willing to receive and nothing more.

When people refuse to take your advice they are following their own inner guidance. Who are we too

understand the infinite path any of our clients are on. My job is to provide what ever support is needed
free of all judgment and to constantly remind my clients that they are infinite beings with infinite potential.

If a clients doesn’t do their homework, I simply won’t work with them until they do. I just assume I was a

bit ahead of them and wait for them to catch up. It always works out perfectly. I don’t go into the wrongness
of the ‘work’ not being done.

On Monday a client of mine phoned me and she hadn’t done her homework; which was listening to a clearing

audio. So I told her to listen to it and we’d talk next week, there’s nothing I could do to support her until she
had shifted some limiting beliefs. She’s now listened to it and ready for Monday.

Keep asking: How much information does this person require? What energy do they require? How much

are they really asking for?

We tend to want to over give to create phenomenal change and to prove the value of what we offer…

what if just the interaction creates phenomenal change?

With Infinite Gratitude,

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