How to Pull Energy to Get Phenomenal Business Results

Pulling Energy is an out of the box technique that is used for attracting clients, funding or business partners. My way of Pulling Energy is always evolving, here is my updated way of Pulling Energy.

I work with people in business and this is what I would say:

Imagine the clients, JV’s, sponsors to be in front of you in the distance facing you, they can be anywhere in the distance, near or far.  If you knew what space or the energy of the universe was, what would that be? Imagine you know what energy looks like, feels like and be aware of the energy that is around that person. Ask that energy to go through the people and flow to you. Let if flow through them either through their chest, torso or their entire body and then in through the front of you and out the back. You can flow the energy just into your chest, torso or your entire body.

I like to ‘recycle’ the energy and have it flow right back into the people and then into me again.

When you feel a tingly sensation, warmth or anything that is just a tiny bit different in your chest, allow a little trickle of the energy that is you to flow back to all those people. I like to make it warm and inviting and to be flavored with adoration and trust.

When you are going to have a physical interaction with a person who’s energy you pulled, simply ask for the energy flow to balance out 50/50. Do this with face to face, phone and email correspondence.

Although ‘pulling’ is a verb and implies action, it is more of a question. You ask the energy to ‘pull’ or ‘run’. Just by reading this, you will be pulling energy, when to ‘try’ to pull energy, when you are using force, it slows down or stops. It’s just a flow that starts with either your awareness being directed there or by asking it to.

It’s about sitting back and letting it happen as opposed to ‘doing’ it. It’s like getting a massage. You ask for a massage and then you sit or lie down and receive it. You don’t play an active role in the action of massage, it is done for you, to you, for your ease, enjoyment. It is a luxury to receive.

LOL, while writing this my client has sent me a question on pulling energy!

A.S.: when pulling from individuals do I set intention and maintain in conscious while pulling? i.e if money, do i need to keep money focus in my mind while pulling

Angela Bear: with money, be aware of the taste, smell, look and feel of it and then pull it in from every direction. Pull it in from in front of you, behind, above and from all sides.

A.S.: i.e if want to meet someone, what type of focus do i hold consciously – or do i just tune into their energy? say the outcome is to get them to agree to your programme – what energy do i focus on? or to agree to do a jv with you?

Angela Bear: OK, so if you are looking for someone to sign up for your programme, or a clients programme; ask for your ‘people’ that will be in front of you to be people that are looking for it. I like to have people a bit in the distance and a bit misty. So I don’t know who they are, I’m not making any judgments or decisions about them, they are just there.

A.S.:  ok – and while ur pulling? do i jsut tune out mentally, or still hold the thought of what I’m pulling on? does that make sense?

Angela Bear: I personally like to be aware of the energy. I perceive it like having had verbal clearings and depending on how much I am willing to ‘receive’ it can feel like the expansion/orgasm process.

How cool, not only did I get to do some Q&A on Pulling Energy, I also did a 20 minute call with him answering even more questions on Pulling Energy. He totally gets the value of Pulling Energy! How cool is that?

How can you use Pulling Energy?

How does it get any better than this?

With Infinite Gratitude,

Angela Bear Gower-Johnson

Be the infinite possibilities.

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3 Responses to “How to Pull Energy to Get Phenomenal Business Results”

  1. I am leading a Team SCT (School of Complementary Therapies) tele-conference in 20 minutes…and I just got the note from you Angela to re-read this! Wow! Talk about synchronicity…I’ll be sharing the pulling energy exercise with them. Thank you.

  2. Sydney says:

    Angela!!!!!! Love this!! It is so delicious and is assisting me more than I can even say! How did I get to be so lucky?! WhooHoo!!

  3. Great article Angela. Thank you for sharing. How does it get any better than this?

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