Post Seminar Blues

Have you ever gone to a seminar and loved the energy and then go
back home and start to have that energy and confidence fade?

What if that sort of ‘down’ feeling is change? What if it isn’t
post seminar blues? What if it really is just change? What if
change is different then what you thought it was?

Are you willing to allow that change to just come and be?

I’m still assimilating everything from Dr. Dain Heer’s Being You
class this weekend.

I remember the old days when I would do a class and feel an
emptiness as soon as a class finished. Thankfully I was able
to shift that way of being year’s ago by using the simple question:
Who does this belong to? Return to sender with consciousness
attached. The other great question is: Whose universe am I in?

If you have run those questions and you are still not being
your normal self would you consider this being change?
What if you are changing and everything is just showing
up differently? Who said change is comfortable? For being
uncomfortable you can ask: What are the possibilities with
this uncomfortableness?

What else is possible? It’s only taken me all week to write
this post… How does it get any better than this and what
are the infinite possibilities here? I myself am asking:
What are the possibilities with this uncomfortableness?

Big Hugs,

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2 Responses to “Post Seminar Blues”

  1. Caro says:

    Thanks for writing this. I had some ‘uncomfortable change’ myself after 5 days with Rikka in Dublin. The first two days I was in total bliss, no barriers, receiving everything and all. Getting some groceries in town was totally orgasmic. I was one with everything.

    Then I went sort of down the slide. Asking questions all the time to keep myself in this state of openness, oneness, flowing.

    What would it take to only resonate with all the high energy in every day life too?

    Rikka asked me/the class a question in the beginning: what would you like to have out of these days? I answered two things. The first was a healthy body. The second was: being as comfortable in every day life with whatever people as I am when I am in nature with the trees and the grass and the water.

    Rikka said that was going for the full monty. To be at ease with everything and all. To be in total allowance. To receive everything.

    What if we made every day into an Access Class?

    Its like we get lifted beyond everything we have been able to receive till then and after that we have to find our own stance. In class/the seminar we get a taste of what is possible, what we already are. After that, the lifting we do on our own could be far more powerful than ever. What would it take to have that every day, every hour, every minute? Where do we still adjust to what we think society/family/this reality needs/is?

    Thank you for writing this, gave me more room to play :) What else is possible?


  2. Angela says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Beautiful Caro! What else is possible? I adore you!

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