My Aunt Is In Prison

My aunt has been jailed and I don’t know why. Either last week or this week she was put in prison. I have family all over the world and not one person has been able to tell me what is going on, why it happened. All I have heard is that she is innocent, she was jailed without cause. I’ve also heard some amazingly colorful stories like she was taken from home naked and put in a cell naked. (I’m pretty sure that story is not true.)

My family and my life are worthy of a book. Seriously! The things I’ve done, seen and been through, it’s unreal.

One of the biggest tools that changed my life is from Access Consciousness. It is the question: What do I love about trauma and drama?

I was born into and grew up in a phenomenal environment of trauma and drama. You know how some people might have one or two things happen to them a year or every few months? In my house and in my family the longest period of time that could go by with no trauma or drama was a week. That was the LONGEST period of nothing really bad happening. If two family members that didn’t get together got together you could be sure that within 5 days a war would have broken out.

As I’ve gotten older and the years have gone buy that trauma and drama has manifested as quite severe illness, problems with friends, thefts of GREAT magnitude and now imprisonment.

What if you could just cut out all of the trauma and drama in your life? What would it be like to live in a stress free environment where you had total ease and peace?

If I can do it, you can!! Because I still have my totally dramatic family that is addicted to pain and unhappiness. What I did was run the question: “What do I love about trauma and drama?” for 7 days. The first time I used it for 3 days. I would ask as much as possible through the day “What do I love about trauma and drama?”.

To be honest I didn’t believe in that question or see any point of it until my baby kitten fell out of a two story window and was not doing very well. I was
fairly new to Access Consciousness, maybe about a year into it. I was using the tools, but some of them I just hadn’t bothered with. “What do I love about trauma and drama?” was one of the questions, the other one was “Who does this belong to? Return to sender with consciousness attached.”. Interestingly enough those two really shifted things for me dynamically.

So, I was in the car with this baby kitten on my lap running every Access question I could think of. I was demanding something different when all
of a sudden it hit me: “What do I love about trauma and drama?”. All of a sudden I was able to tap into how I did love trauma and drama. I stopped
fighting and throwing up my hands (metaphorically) and denying my long and faithful love affair to trauma and drama.

I was able to run the trauma and drama question for three days and the reward for doing that was the trauma and drama I had been creating diminished by 70%. How cool is that? Obviously I STILL loved trauma and drama because I didn’t run the question again for a while. I’m pretty sure I did a three day challenge with my clients for the next time I ran it. But I ended up running it for at least four more days. My trauma and drama has been reduced by around 95%.

When my husband and I used to argue/fight it could go on for hours. We would break the cardinal rule (someone’s not mine) to not go to be angry. A fight would be something that I milked to make sure I got all the pain and suffering available from it. Heck, I would milk everything I could find to get as much pain, suffering and proof that I suck big time.

Now I’m lucky if an argument lasts for more than five minutes. I just can’t be bothered. I loved learning Abraham-Hicks concept about being right or feeling good. You have a choice, you can either be right or feel good. Since using the Access Consciousness tools I really can CHOOSE to feel good. It’s just a choice. The only difference is now I have tools that support me in making that choice.

Today with my family besides themselves the questions I am running are: What ease can I be here? What peace can I be here? What invitation can I be here? What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow all of this to change? AND What do I love about trauma and drama?

What do you love about trauma and drama? Are you ready to choose something different? What if being happy and having more ease were was a priority to you?

Thank you for being you!

I adore you!

Big Hugs,

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27 Responses to “My Aunt Is In Prison”

  1. I adore you too Angela…and I remember that amazing session that you had with Dain that you then allowed him to share with the group and it rocked my world!! Thank you…Since before Christmas my daughter and I havent been speaking to each other…amazing IPOV…

    And then a few weeks ago she rang me out of the blue doing trauma and drama, which she has always done so well…would make a wonderful actress…telling me her best friend had a baby and now she had to go to theatre to have placenta removed…

    I got off the phone and had the amazing awareness that she must be so GOOD at doing trauma and drama and who does that belong too????? GUESS WHO??? MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! OMG..I can do trauma and drama very well… so I have given it up and OMG…guess WHAT??? I now have so much peace joy and happyness and such amazing connnection with my body!! What contribution can I NOW be to consciousness? WOO HOO HIDIGABTT????

  2. OH and what will it take for you to have information regarding your aunt? One of my brothers is in jail and the thing that got me through with ease was reminding myself that he was creating it all…weip? hugs gorgeous …

  3. angela says:

    Thank you, Honey. I am at ease and peace. It took me a couple of days to ‘not need to know’.
    I was allowing the ‘not knowing’ to be a source of un-ease for me. How fun was that? Not very
    fun! So, I chose to have ease and asking: “What ease can I be here?” Has really helped!

  4. angela says:

    Wow! Now that is going back to the very first Access class I ever did!! How did we get to be so lucky to be on this journey together?
    What I am not clear on is when our daughter’s come to us with trauma and drama is it theirs? Again, when this happens I ask: What ease can I be here? What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow all of this to change?

  5. Caro says:

    Thank you for sharing this Angela, I thought I was the only one with such a dramatic and traumatic life and family. I will use the question: What do I love about trauma and drama for 7 days, I already made sticky notes with it to put everywhere in my house :)
    Will keep you updated here.

  6. angela says:

    Wow! Caro, thank you so much for sharing and for choosing to do the 7 day challenge of asking: “What do I love about trauma and drama”. Thank you so much for being you!!! How did we all get to be so lucky? What else is possible? I’ve sent you a gift to say THANK YOU for being YOU!!!!

  7. Jakeb Arturio Braden says:

    Wow How awesome are you for sharing that with us! Yes I am asking that a little bit today as I buy into stress when there is no reson to be stressed! So thanks for sharing that! I hope that your Aunt is released soon!

    So I am playing with what is the value in being stressed when there is no reason to be stressed! As well as doing the whole who does this belong to as atm many of us light workers are pushing through Earth Energeries!

    Love you!

  8. angela says:

    Thank you, Gorgeous Jake. I adore you!!! Thank you so much for being you! What if you asked: What is the value of being stressed?/What is the value of not being stressed? AND: What ease can I be here? Big Huge Hugs to you!

  9. Jakeb Arturio Braden says:

    Thanking you with infinite gratitude!

  10. Brenda says:

    Do you need to run the clearing statement after the “What do I love about trauma & drama” question.? Most of my drama & trauma is around money so would it be more powerful if I asked “What do I love about trauma & dram around money~” and then run the clearing statement?

    Loving you news letters & tips.

  11. angela says:

    Dear Gorgeous Brenda,

    I don’t and didn’t use the clearing statement with
    the “What do I love about trauma and drama?”
    question. I personally would only run: What
    do I love about trauma and drama?

    If you add money to it you are taking away
    the ambiguity of the question. For me the
    more ambiguous a question is the more powerful
    it is!

    Big Hugs,

  12. Billy says:

    Brilliant Angela, ex Trauma/Drama Queen! Thank you!

    PS How’s it going with that last 5% of trauma and drama, time to let it all go?

  13. angela says:

    Thank you, Gorgeous Billy!

    I’m working on that 5%. It’s pretty good! I’m pretty good!

    But YES! Yes to letting it all go!!!

    Last year I ordered a pair of semi-designer boots from Spain. They were trimmed with rabbit
    fur, beautiful, fit like a dream. My husband got home and I was so excited to show
    him that I put them on and while I was trying to get my flared yoga trousers out of the
    way I ripped the fur on my brand new, never even worn out of the house boots!! I literally
    let all the judgements and any weirdness that that brought up in less than a minute!

    For me my trauma and drama seems to come out in relationships and friendships!
    What do I love about trauma and drama?

    Big Hugs,

  14. Kimberley says:

    I am really enjoying your blogs. Thank you so much for stepping into them.. they are timely.

  15. angela says:

    Thank you, Beautiful Kim! I adore you! What else is possible?

  16. Caro says:

    It was an interesting day while asking 100′s of times What do I love about trauma and drama? It brought up so much charge/density that at the end of the afternoon I experienced lots of intensity in my body. What do I love about trauma and drama? Lots of anger and sadness came surfacing. Lots of images of old trauma’s came flashing by. What do I love about trauma and drama? Lots of old relationships and their drama’s came to mind. What do I love about trauma and drama? I suddenly got lots and lots of insights where I sort of ‘thrive’ on creating all kind of little trauma’s and drama’s… Pod&poc’t all that. I also got lots more awareness of all the trauma and drama I keep stuck in my (poor) body… What do I love about keeping trauma and drama stuck in my body? I sometimes altered the trauma and drama question with: What do I love about a life full of ease joy and glory?
    I guess your blog came at the right time for me Angela! I did Foundation and lvl1 with Rikka Zimmerman a few weeks ago and that cleared lots and lots of layers and now its just time for this :) I’m curious about tomorrow :)

  17. Serenity says:

    Well stated and great simple tools to offer. Thank you for the happy and grateful moment I just had for the distance I have come (from who I was to who I am now). I have NO addiction or charge to trauma and drama at all. In fact I have been known to step back from friendships with this exact statement, “I love you dearly though I refuse to any longer be drawn into your self made dramas.” Then I just go about my life and they seem to magically disappear out of my life and the trauma and drama leaves with them.

    Thank you for this post that allowed me to have that PHENOMENAL gratitude moment :-)


  18. angela says:

    Thank you, Beautiful Serenity! What are the infinite possibilities here? What do I love about trauma and drama?
    Big Huge Hugs,

  19. Caro says:

    Yesterday was day 2 of What do I love about trauma and drama. I’m happy with the sticky notes everywhere, so I keep reminding myself to ask it as much as I can. Its a phenomenal process. Its like digging and digging deeper and deeper and although it sometimes brings up lots of stuff it also gives me more space, more gratitude, more knowingness.
    Its like all the energy of trauma and drama has made this layer and by asking this question over and over again I suddenly saw more clearly where I choose for something, guided from my infinite being, and then run like hell, choosing trauma and drama again. It made me laugh hard a few times yesterday, to see myself doing it, to see myself doing the ‘I can’t do it’ stuff. Pod&poc all of that and on I go! :) What do I love about trauma and drama?

  20. angela says:

    Wow! How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

  21. Lisa Lane says:

    I love this blog post Angela and I love reading all the comments. I had an awareness come up after reading the comments could it be that we choose trauma and drama to make our lives more exciting?
    Just a thought

  22. angela says:

    Dear Gorgeous Lisa, Yes! It is fun or exciting to create the trauma and drama. Asking the question “What do I love about
    trauma and drama?” allows you to see how it does add excitement to your life!!! What if you could chose another form of
    excitement? What if you could have fun by creating new fun clients? What if you could make anything fun and exciting?
    I’ve made my choice to blog and the process of blogging FUN! What fun will you be? Big Hugs, Angela

  23. Caro says:

    Great question Lisa Lane, thank you! And yes, on my third day of asking What do I love about trauma and drama yesterday I see how I add excitement to my life by creating and choosing trauma and drama, even in the smallest things. So great question Angela: what if I could chose another form of excitement? What if I could use my creativity to have excitment in my life? Or what if I allowed more of the energy of sexualness into my life for more excitement? What do I love about trauma and drama?

  24. Angela says:

    Gorgeous Caro,

    I know you like some of the simple questions that I use. What if you used: What fun can I be here? What sensualness can I be here? What joy can I be here?

    I adore you!!

    Big Huge Bear Hugs,

  25. Caro says:

    I adore you for those ‘simple’ questions Angela, gratitude!!! Gets me out of the energy of ‘what do I have to do’ , gives relief and brings me immediatly in the state of being… child like state of being: yes yes what joy can I be here, what sensualness can I be here, yay, how does it get any better than that? :)
    Yesterday was my fourth day of asking What do I love about trauma and drama? and today my fifth. Yesterday I just kept asking it, I wasn’t bored with it, and I am still getting insights where the trauma and drama is ‘hidden’ in my life or where my family does it.

    Today was challenging. There is this auto-immune like dis-ease in my body and I had a huge outburst. I already did lots of clearings around the subjects that are beneath that dis-ease. I went totally in conclusion and judgement… Before today I did so great, my body was doing so great, there was so much ease, so I hated that outburst… and I kept asking: what do I love about trauma and drama? It made me cry out of pure frustration. I perceive that this whole dis-ease is created out of trauma and drama. What do I love about drama and trauma? It made me angry also. I felt sorry for myself, more trauma and drama… Tomorrow is a new day to get myself out of this loop, what else is possible here? What is right about this that I’m not getting?
    I just read your new blog and I congratulate you that you are able to use AC tools to just go with the flow when something really big like loosing lots of good food is happening to you! Hdigabtt? And weip? Thank you for the Bear hugs! :)

  26. Angela says:

    Dear Gorgeous Caro,
    What if you went into ‘ambiguity’ with the dis-ease?
    What if you stopped focusing on it?
    What do you love about creating ______?
    I adore you!
    Big Huge Bear Hugs,

  27. Caro says:

    Wow, yes. I had to look up that word ‘ambiguity’ didn’t know it (being dutch). And I did the ‘stop focusing on it’ for a long time, I taught myself to just enjoy life, have more seemingly small pleasures. Yet that didn’t uncreate and destroy the dis-ease. I guess on some level there is still some focusing, cause its so evident in the body…

    The meaning and energetic feeling of the word ambiguity speaks to me. Its more of: oh okay I perceive this, I’m not bothered by it, what else is possible? what fun can I be here?
    It gives me more of being in allowance where I am and at the same time sort of waving it away, lol. Byebye. Ambiguity gives relief. I get out of my own way. So thank you for that contribution!

    Today I learned this great process that also seems to work great for me:

    Interesting point of view I have this point of view that this is real for me.

    Today was the sixth day of asking myself: What do I love about trauma and drama?
    Its getting very very silent inside of me while asking that. What joy can I be here? What ease can I be here? I can’t wait to ask those two questions for 7 days :)
    Happy Blogging! Thank you for sharing!

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