More About Me and How I Got Here


Although I have trained in personal and spiritual development for over 23 years, I can not give you a name for what I do.

Instead I am giving you the briefest history of what I have trained in to get where I am. This does not include all the books,videos, DVD’s, CD’s and audio cassettes I have watched, read, listened to and implemented.

I spent 21 years training and utilizing an active form of Buddhism, during that time
I also trained in:

Deep Tissue and Sports Injury Massage
Crystal Therapy
Aura Soma (Color Therapy)
Silva Method
7 years working with different Native American Medicine men, actual medicine men that
worked at reservations and can manipulate energy. I trained with them to control my ability
to read/work and channel energy.  I had those abilities from my earliest memories. I just didn’t know
how to control them. Working with the Natives gave me full use and access to switch on my awareness
and to stop reading everyone’s energy and mind. Instead I was able to focus on what lies people use
to keep them from being their greatness.

When I worked with the Natives I learned: Energy Work, Ceremony, Philosophy, Tracking, Animals,
Herbal Medicine, Healing and Brain Tanning.

I was then guided to train in NLP specifically with Richard Bandler. Here I trained as an NLP Practioner,
NHR, energy behind NLP and bought all the CD’S, DVD’s and videos, even the ones from the ’80′s and
used them full time for 3 years.

Abraham-Hicks/Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics I studied full time for over 3 years.

Then I went into question as to what was after all that and Access Consciousness dropped in
my lap.  I stopped the Buddhism months into training and implementing the tools from Access
, I no longer required the Buddhist practice.

I now support people in business using everything I know, then energy I read and perceive and Access Tools. The main
Access tool I use and teach is using questions to open and expand the energy of receiving and
getting people to be the being they are, instead of being contained only in their body.

I dedicate hours of every day to be my greatness. My target is to be that greatness all the time.
The more I choose to be it, the longer I can be that space and the more contribution I am to the
planet by just being me. I am not my greatness in totality, I am the first person to say that.
Everyone that works with me knows that I share my challenges as well as my wins. I am here
experiencing this reality just like everyone else. Perhaps the only difference is that I continue
to choose to be my greatness and I have stopped searching for answers. I now know it is only
me that can change my reality. Buddhism taught me that in the first year…yet it is only this year
that I really get how it is down to choice.

I give people tools to support them in choosing to be the space and greatness they truly be.
Perhaps the value of what I do is in me being the invitation for them to be their own greatness.
I have learned to acknowledge the infinite possibilities available to people and their businesses.

I stay in a place free of judgment and hold on to the greatness of them and the greatness and
success of their business and ask them to step into that place.

I don’t know what to call this, I just do it.

Have you listened to any of my calls to get an understanding on what I do or how I work?
Everything that is available for FREE, whether it is the opt-in or the free calls are
all entry level calls. The Platinum Group and working with people privately is where
I demand more of my clients.

You have to choose to unlock those doors. I can be the space of those doors being unlocked
and everyone that is looking for you and what you offer showing up, you then have to
choose to be that space. I can give you physical tools that support you being the the
greatness of you and that space as well.  I can be and maintain the energy of being the invitation
for your success and ULTIMATE DREAMS. Again you have to choose to use the tools
and most importantly choose to be your greatness.

You are an Infinite Being with infinite potential and infinite possibilities. What would
it take for you to acknowledge that today?

How much are you willing to receive today?

With Infinite Gratitude,

Angela Gower-Johnson, IPPE

Infinite Possibilities Process Expert

Skype: Angela Gower-Johnson

What phenomenal results can we generate together?

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