How To Know What Is A Possibility and What Is An Opportunity

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Today’s video is about Possibility and Opportunity. Possibilities lead to more possibilities and yumminess. Possibilities are like little or big quantum leaps towards you having the lifestyle of your dreams. Opportunities are like distractors, they take you away from possibilities.

This week there is a huge energy around possibilities and opportunities. There are loads of both of those about. Watch the video to know what is a possibility and what is an opportunity!

I adore you!

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Huge Gratitude for Gary Douglas and Dain Heer for the Access Consciousness tools that I use, teach and share. How did we all get to be so lucky?


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2 Responses to “How To Know What Is A Possibility and What Is An Opportunity”

  1. Esti Allina says:

    Wow – this so speaks to me, and I’ve been doing this intuitively lately because my previous tendency and downfall was to take on all opportunities that come my way. I’ve chosen a direction, and am aware of the possibilities in that choice; while opportunities will always come across my path and they are DISTRACTIONS! There is no way to create results when jumping on every train (and bus, and car) that pass by. Also, there has been a shift for me and have been able to shed my limiting beliefs and work my new business with ease and joy – exactly the place I want to be!

    It’s all become so simple. The greatest power is found in the simplest things.

  2. Angela says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Woo hoo! How does it get any better than this? I adore you, Beautiful Esti! What else is possible that we haven’t even considered yet?

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