How to Erase Limiting Beliefs and Get Phenomenal Results Results Quickly


Today’s free tele-call was so much fun for me! I used an NLP technique for anchoring success, a little expansion meditation and answered questions about how to bridge using Law of Attraction or energy tools with expanding a business where physical business rules apply.

We also talked about how to have better relationships and to improve relationships.

Here is the link to today’s call as well as the two previous calls:

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Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients:

“You came into my life when I was stuck and all my old remedies were not working. As soon as I began working with you I started moving again. You are a catalyst to change. (I actually needed a metaphysical boot in the butt and you did it!)

I love your no-nonsense approach and appreciate how you ‘cut to the chase’—no waffling allowed.

Although you have prefaced a couple of our sessions with ‘I’m not going to be very nice’ I have found you to be loving and non-judgmental. You create a safe space, love people just as they are, and once they allow that love they can love themselves. You are an amazing healer/teacher.

You are phenomenally generous and sincere. Which in this day of everyone jumping on the social media wagon and trying to sell, sell, sell is refreshing to say the least. You are aligned with the principals of the law of attraction and are sharing your gifts with generosity, love and genuine caring. You are genuine.

You don’t take on other people’s stuff…you help them re-frame it and move on. You have helped me regain my power. You uplift people.

When you share, your stories are teachings…a gift not many have.

I feel blessed to have found you and your teachings. I have so much more energy and my passion has returned. I am so grateful to you. I look forward to continuing to work, learn and grow with you.

To sum it up I believe you help people connect to their inner guidance system and teach them the tools to take control of their own destiny, with lots of love and laughter.”

Jacqueline Fairbrass, CEO, Feeling Absolutely Fabulous

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Growth Specialist

What phenomenal results can we generate together?

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