How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

On Saturday I went to London to speak as a guest at The Coach With The Hat (Elliot Kay) “It’s Your Right To Be Wrong” Event.

I traveled from the Isle of Wight to London for the event. When I arrived I was warmly greeted by The Coach With The Hat and the host Sidra Zaidi.

Sidra absolutely shined as a host and I am infinitely grateful for her creating a bridge
for the information I shared. I often find that I share concepts and people require a reference point to understand them. Sidra
was phenomenal at creating that for me!

The biggest lesson I have learned from personal development is from Richard Bandler. He taught me that to really learn it has
to be fun! What an absolute delight it was to experience the fun way The Coach With The Hat teaches! I laughed so much and so hard and I am
still laughing and smiling!!!

It was a phenomenal event, fun and life changing! The Coach With The Hat has a fantastic way of teaching people motivational tools and how
to be fun! Below is a little video clip of me at the event.

Are you ready to play?

Here is a message from The Coach With The Hat:

“Wasn’t it a great day? Oh yes it was!

So what better way to celebrate your success already than to share your experiences of It’s Your Right To Be Wrong and invite your friends,
family and partners to the next one. Which will be on the 22 of May 2010,at the Novotel, Hammersmith London. From 09:00 to 19:00.
Bring them along with you so they also have the opportunity to see The Coach with the Hat in action and see the tools & resources that
can also change their lives.

Watch out for early bird offers which will start start very very soon. How does it get any better than this?

If you would like to become an Affiliate for the next event held by the Coach with the Hat, all you need to do is contact
The Coach with the Hat at:

Or you can contact The Coach with the Hat directly on:

So, The Coach with the Hat for now will leave you with these thoughts:

Who will you choose to be?

And how can it get better than this?

See you at the next one,

The Coach with the Hat”

What IF you could be the FUN?

What space can you be that would allow more fun and money to show up in your life?

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Gower-Johnson, IPPE

Infinite Possibilities Process Expert

Skype: Angela Gower-Johnson

What phenomenal results can we generate together?

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