Happy, Happy Marketing

Dear Beautiful Friend,

Last night I had the most amazing interaction with
Avram Gonzales! WOW! WOW! WOW!

If you’ve listened to my calls you will know that I am
all about doing business from following the energy.
Never would I have thought that I would be talking to
someone about marketing. Yes, I LOVE to listen to
Jay Abraham and watch Frank Kern, but I only really
do that a couple of times a year. For me it is all about
the energy, all about being in alignment.

Last night I not only had an instant messaging
conversation with the amazing Avram Gonzales,
I also bought and booked a session. How does it
get any better than this?

So, that’s ‘whatever’ no big deal. It may be a bit
like a ‘when pigs fly’ scenario… What is amazing
is that just through the brief interaction the booking
and paying for the session things have completely
shifted for me!!

Doors that I had marked as closed I questioned! I
not only knocked on the doors I peaked in and
said “What are the infinite possibilities here?”
To be honest when I first got up out of bed I felt
a trepidation. I was functioning from the contextual
reality ‘now I have to do marketing’ place that I just
don’t go to. I have avoided marketing like the bell
peppers (I’m allergic). I’ve only ever implemented
things into my business that I was comfortable with.

This morning I was far from comfortable! To be honest
the thing I wanted to do most was go back to bed. Oh,
did you not know that I love to play at being pathetic?
Instead of going to bed I forced myself to watch a video
of Avram.

How hard can watching a video be? It can be really difficult if
you are pretending to be weak and pathetic and you are watching
someone talking about completely stepping out of their comfort zone.

Between Avram’s energy and the message in the video change was bound
to happen. The change already started last night. I got clear
on video. I have hated doing video, it is one of the most painfully
uncomfortable things for me to do. But I’m going to change that!!

I remember when talking on a conference call or being interviewed
I was uncomfortable, now I LOVE IT! So what would it take for me
to LOVE doing video?

I’ll have a chance to get more comfortable this Sunday while I am
doing my Happy Body, Happy Business LiveStream Video Class!

If you are in business and you are looking for marketing solutions
and you really would like to work with someone genuine, amazing,
heartfelt that comes from awareness I urge you to connect with
Avram Gonzales! If just booking a session could inspire me to
take marketing actions I haven’t dared to before, imagine what a
session would be like!!

I am so impressed with how much I did today. Where people have
said ‘NO!’ to me, I’ve gone back and asked again, with a dynamic
force and conviction that I am of value! Yippee!

What else is possible?

Happy, Happy Marketing!

Thank you for being the gift of YOU!

I adore you!

Big Hugs,


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