Happy Body, Happy Business

Hello Beautiful,

Yesterday I did the first Happy Body, Happy Business class! How does it get
any better than this?

There were some issues, the live stream video wouldn’t work. What else is possible?

Despite that little difficulty I was able to connect with some amazing people in business
and facilitate so many things.

I loved it so much that I wanted to share some of it with you!

Here is a clip from the class that is about using expansion as a way to create events.

Just right click on the blue writing below and save the file!

      Expansion For Creating Events

Have you used expansion as a way to tap into more of you?

Listen to this audio and then leave a comment letting me know if you feel different.

What if you could listen to this clip 3 days in a row? Would you be willing to share
what happens?

I adore you!

Thank You for being the gift of YOU!

Big Huge Hugs,

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