Giving Up

Today I feel pants. It feels like I’m getting nowhere,
there is no new movement or momentum in my
business. I feel like I don’t want to do anything
apart from watch movies and eat pizza.

Before my training with Access Consciousness
this place I am in, the way I am being would have
really been pants (a nice way of saying shit). This
would be the point where I totally gave up and
decided my fate was that of Safeway cashier, that
that is what I would amount to. Did I ever tell you
I am an amazing Drama Queen?

I now know that this is change. Things are shifting
energetically and there is no physical proof of that,
in fact there is the absence of that proof.

In the past I would have gone with how I am feeling
and the ‘proof’ of what I was seeing and most importantly
NOT seeing, as in RESULTS!

Now I know better. I know that this is change and it’s not
comfortable, so my job is to get as comfortable as I can
and stay out of decisions, judgments, conclusions and

I’m also telling myself the story of change. On the other
side of this uncomfortableness is more of what I have
been asking for. The worse thing I could do here is buy
into the story that my business is going nowhere, nothing
is changing, everything will always stay the same. Do you
feel how ‘heavy’ that is? That’s because it is a lie!

This is change, my beautiful friend! So, I am going to make
the recording of the questions of the week for my group.
This is going to be fun as they are super dynamic and have
already shifted so much in my world… then I am going
to relax, play games, watch a movie or two and eat pizza!
Later I will take the dogs out for a massive walk and connect
with nature and my body more! What else is possible?

What change are you willing to be?

Thank you for being the gift of YOU!

I adore you!

Big Hugs,

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