Don’t Just Question Something

Don’t Just Question Something, Monitor Your Thoughts!

By now you will know that I use questions to create more ease and change. The questions are from Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, the founders of Access Consciousness. Questions are great! They are amazing. BUT, what if there is more to it?

What you perceive you receive. If you are saying, “I have this block.” then you are creating a block. I have been having clients ask me about their ‘blocks’ with this thing or that thing. What if there is no block? Who does that belong to? Would an infinite being really have a block from doing something or receiving something?

Questions are amazing, but you also have to look at what you are thinking and how you are talking to yourself. What story are you telling? I do use questions to help me with
changing things. But I also actively monitor where I am functioning from. Are you just
using the questions or are you also looking at where you are choosing to function from
and who you are choosing to be? Knowing what your story is might support you in functioning from a different place and getting different rewards.

What else is possible?

Big Hugs,

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