Day Of Rest

Today I am listening to my body and doing a day of rest.
There are a few things that I could get stressed about, my
Mom is not happy with me for giving her advice. Perhaps
I should have stayed out of her business, but she is older
and sick and is going to fly across the country to try to
help her twin sister who has apparently been jailed. I don’t
know. My family is a huge mystery and I tend to only believe
what I see with my own eyes…. They also are complete lovers or Trauma and Drama! What else is possible? What peace and ease can I be here? In situations where you can’t or just don’t want to get physically involved you can contribute by asking: What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow all of this to change?

Yesterday I started my period and I have a tiny bit of awareness, intensity. In the real world that would be call cramping. What has really been helping me for a couple of months is using an oil my client and beautiful friend Glenyce Hughes makes called: Connection. I’ve been running body processes and questions for years and I have taken my body from being in constant intensity to only the tiniest bit. The Connection blend and a bit of Clary Sage with listening to what my body would like is all I require now to have total ease.

Do you listen to your body? Do you take a day of for you to pamper your body? What does your body require today? What do you require today?

Big Hugs,

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