Hello Beautiful,

How are you?

Yesterday I had a great private session with someone that is struggling
with her business because she is functioning from competition. Not so
much her own, but she is looking into other people’s universes and seeing
where they are functioning from competition and using THAT to stop her
from being MORE, from BEING her greatness. She is just so aware that
there are people around her that are functioning from competition and
not wanting her to succeed.

Are you letting other people’s fears, judgments and limitations stopping
you from being more of you? From doing everything you could do with
you business? From having the success that is available to you? Everywhere
you are limiting yourself because of other people’s need for you to be smaller
for them to feel better will you destroy and uncreate all of that? SAY YES!!
Take a deep breath and exhale while letting it all go!

What if you have people in your life that truly desire for you to succeed?

What energy space and consciousness can you be that would allow you
to perceive, know, be and receive with total clarity and ease the success
that everything and everyone would like for you to have? Everything
that doesn’t allow that will you destroy and uncreate it all times a
Godzillion?  SAY YES, if you mean it! Take a deep breath and exhale
while letting it all go!

I was tapping into my own business this morning. To be honest I made
these incredible While You Sleep Audios for an Abuse Telesummit that
I recently did. I received an email from the organizers yesterday asking
me how the sales were going. I was a bit embarrassed to say that I didn’t
have that many sales.

I was asking questions around it as I last night I stayed up late letting
people know that I have a Happy Body, Happy Business LiveStream
event this Sunday and I would really love to have some people to play

This morning I woke up and I was still playing with the energy of my
business and sales. Then it hit me I’ve been functioning from the belief
that Gary and Dain (founders of Access Consciousness) don’t want me
to do well in their business. Huh! Now that is something different!

To be honest I think it is STUPID that I have been functioning from that
place. I’m not saying that in a judgmental, I’m down on myself kind of
way. I’m saying it in an isn’t cool that the latest Access questions use
the word stupidity and how stupid was it for me to be running my business
from not wanting to get result so that I didn’t rock the boat with Gary and

I asked the question: Would Gary like my business to succeed? My body
was buzzing with ‘YES!!’. So what was the value of me functioning from
not doing well?

Everywhere you have limited the rewards in your business past, present
and future will you destroy and uncreate all of that?  SAY YES!! Take a deep
breath and exhale while letting it all go!

What if I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to succeed? What if my JOY of

Being is contributing and witnessing the success and growth of YOU and

What are the possibilities available here?

I am so grateful for the lack of sales in the Abuse Summit! I am so grateful
for KNOWING that Gary and Dain truly would like MORE for me and my
business! I am so grateful for knowing that I function from a place of truly
wishing you and your business to be the best, to be everything you are capable

Thank you for being the GIFT of YOU!

I adore you! I adore your business!

Big Huge Hugs and Infinite Gratitude,

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