Change and Possibilities

Dear Beautiful,

Wow!!! So the uncomfortableness I have been having since doing that
Being class has only grown. The last few days I have been ‘comfort eating’.
I’ve been having so much more awareness and intensity. How does it get
any better than this?

The tool I am using to support me is: What are the possibilities available
with this? What are the possibilities available with this discomfort?

I’m not just asking the questions. I am asking the questions and choosing
and demanding to perceive what is available.

Today I had an interesting experience. I received an email from someone
that I’m scheduled to do a talk with in August. A friend of mine and I both
applied to be on her telesummit at the same time, months ago. My friend
has now been on her show twice and I’m still booked for August. Last week
I received an email from her in regards to promoting her telesummit,
a different one from the one I am scheduled to speak on.

Today I received an email explaining that the offer is for being an affiliate,
which I already am… and no mention of a possibility of being one of the
guest speakers in this new venture. I’m not even sure that my date in August
is real…. because she doesn’t seem to even remember who I am! How cool is

Now with all the uncomfortableness I’ve been having and all the intensity
I am experiencing today that email tipped me right over the edge into total
despair for about 3 minutes. Then I remembered my old faithful friend “What
are the possibilities available with this?” Problem solved. So what if she doesn’t
‘recognize’ me or see my value? I’m just not even going down that whole rabbit
whole of all that crap… I’ve been there, done that and have about a million t-shirts
to prove it!

I’m most happy when I am supporting people in business to step into their power and
awareness! I love it when I can facilitate total peace and ease in someone’s universe.

So, someone doesn’t want to play with me… Hmm. I’m sure there are others that will! AND
I’m using the energy and unease that email created to ask for, to choose and demand
MORE! I now have even more access to yummy possibilities because I was so forgettable!

Do you have some sort of unease or intensity that you are willing to turn into amazing
new possibilities?

Thank you for being the gift of YOU!

I adore you!

Big Huge Bear Hugs,


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2 Responses to “Change and Possibilities”

  1. Mary K says:

    Oooohhhhhh, I have so much to learn from you! I love how you go into questioning within a few moments of discomfort. I’m beginning to get it..I’m not usually slow in learning but changing old patterns does take time… okay, I’m learning a bit slower than usual…But I’m learning! How does it get any better than this?

    Thanks Angela
    Love You!
    Mary K

  2. Angela says:

    Dear Beautiful Mary K,

    Thank you! Thank you for being the Gift of YOU!
    Just keep practicing! I’ve been doing it for over
    3 years now and I still don’t always go right into
    question! I did have a client in my first year of
    Access who went into questioning immediately

    What are the infinite possibilities?

    She carried around a little notebook in her purse
    and put the questions in that. If something showed
    up and she wasn’t sure of what question to ask she
    flipped through her notebook and found one that ‘fit’.

    What if there is nothing wrong with you? What is
    right about you that you are not getting?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

    Big HUGE Bear Hugs and Infinite Gratitude,

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