Being Uncomfortable

What is the value of being uncomfortable? How does being uncomfortable serve you?
What is on the other side of being uncomfortable?

Having spent most of my life being uncomfortable, I know what it is like.
I would have never believed it was possible, but I now have gratitude for
every uncomfortable moment that I have had. As my life continues to
unfold and more possibilities and yumminess shows up, the more grateful
I am for every single experience that brought me here.

To be honest this weekend was spent being a bit ‘off’ and uncomfortable.
There was no reason for it, I just was uncomfortable.

Today I woke with that same uncomfortableness, but with more intensity.
I just sat with it. I carried on with living and doing what I could for my
business. I also asked the ESC questions out loud while remembering that
on the other side of this is more of what I have been asking for.

One question I could have run is: What are the possibilities with this uncomfortableness?

What if everything you have been asking for is on the other side of uncomfortableness?

I adore you!

Thank you for being you!
Big Hugs,

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