Are You Receiving?

Are you wanting to receive? Are you receiving in all areas of your life? Have you set conditions on receiving?

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience that I am still laughing about. If you know me at all you will know that I am in total joy from being contribution. I am asking everyone and everything of how I can be of contribution. I am offering no strings attached support for people in business to experience how I work to bring phenomenal change.

Why am I doing this? Because I LOVE IT!  For me one of the great pleasures in life is shifting blocked/closed off energy to possibilities. It is so amazing to perceive shifts when working with a client and for them to get fantastic results super quickly! I really do love it!!

Back to my story…. So, I called someone on the phone that I hadn’t seen for over 6 years. The funny thing is that this person didn’t ask why I was calling and simply said she was struggling to meet a deadline and sounded less than pleased with being contacted, that it was me, etc. This literally made me laugh, out loud.  I laughed as I put down the phone and I laughed off and on through the day.

At one point I realized that maybe this wasn’t a laughing matter for her. Firstly she had no idea why I had called, nor did she give me an opportunity to tell her. None of this really matters as I doubt anything I said would have put her in a place of receiving.

I was laughing because I had the awareness that I possibly could be a contribution to her business. It’s hilarious to me that I have clients pay me thousands of dollars a month to get information that I was willing to give her on platter simply because I am in contribution.

The whole scenario made me question where am I refusing contribution? Where am I not receiving? I so get that we all go into decision, judgment and conclusion over people, things and situations. Are you willing to receive from everything and everyone?

I urge you to seriously ask these questions.  Unless you are willing to receive from all areas you are closing yourself off and making yourself finite. This doesn’t mean you have to choose everything, but at least be open to having everything available to you!

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Gower-Johnson, IPPE

Infinite Possibilities Process Expert

Skype: Angela Gower-Johnson

What phenomenal results can we generate together?

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