An Opportunity To Feel Bad

Today I had the most delightful opportunity to feel bad.

We have an old Wall’s Ice Cream freezer that is beautiful.
I love ice cream, by the way. Yummy! We usually have
some ice cream in our Wall’s freezer but it is also used
for other things like our food and dog food.

This morning Julian came in and said the freezer is broken
go save what you can.

On Saturday I ordered all the frozen food we needed to
last us for the next couple of weeks. We obviously eat
fresh food, but we have teenagers and busy lives so
I buy a lot of fresh frozen food that I can then use to
whip up something quite easily.

Basically there were a bunch of pizzas, bread, ice cream
and chips (the British version of French Fries). Then there
were all the things that I really like and need like my frozen chicken
and vegetables.

There is a recipe for chicken soup that I invented where I
literally throw the frozen vegetables, chicken, water and
stock into a pot and I take the dogs out for a walk and
when I get home it’s done!

Almost everything had to go, it was defrosted and the
fridge is full of fresh food and juicing food!

So, I had this amazing opportunity to feel bad. Thankfully
I have been using Access tools for a few years now and I
have obviously done my homework and made headway with
these questions: What if there is nothing wrong here? What is
right about this that I am not getting?

Funnily enough I didn’t even have to ask the questions. I was fine.
Better than fine. I’m literally functioning from a place of: What else
is possible?

This might not seem like a big deal, but to me it is huge!

My training from birth is that if something bad happened it was
because the devil was with me or in me. That is what I was taught
from my earliest memory. I grew up terrified of the devil. As I got
older I started to keep the devil story and add my mother’s story
of whenever something bad happened it was because God hated

Bad things happening meant that the devil was with me, in me or
following me around and God hated me and was punishing me!
Nice! You can imagine how great that was for my self confidence!!!
Those stories helped to fuel how I was the worse person on the
planet. That is often my mother’s story about me. Did you know
that Hitler was a better person then me? He was, just ask my mother!
(She only says that when she is mad or unhappy, but it stuck and became
true to me!)

Access helped me to get into ‘interesting point of view’ with everything.
I don’t always go there. I definitely didn’t go there when I spoke to my
family members last week and had a day of their energy and points of

Today was different. I lost hundreds of pounds (British GBP) of food, both
for us and the dogs, including the cute puppies that we have. I can’t even
make myself feel bad about it. Why I would want to is beyond me. But I
can clearly remember how I used to curl in a ball and want to die when
something like this happened as it would be PROOF that God hated me
and that I sucked big time.

I am so happy that I haven’t used this freezer thing against me. I can’t
tell you how grateful I am to Gary Douglas and Dain Heer for the Access
Consciousness tools!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Access is NOT the only thing I have trained in. It IS what gave me the
happiness, ease and peace I have been looking for in all my years of
training in personal and spiritual development. It has worked for me.
What else is possible?

What is possible for you?

Would you be willing to ask the questions: What if there is nothing wrong here? What is right about
this that I am not getting?

What if there is nothing wrong with you? What is right about you that you are not getting?

I adore you!

Thank you for being you!

Big Hugs,

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