An Interview with Dee Light

Today I interviewed Dee Light to get some juicy information that she shares with her business clients.

Dee has an amazing company making the most addictive, beautiful face cream ‘Gorgeous’.   Deirdre Light, I call her Dee, introduced me to Access Consciousness at the end of last year.  Since then I have been training in Access and having private sessions with Dee to access more clarity, ease and dynamic business tools.

In this 20 minute interview you will be privy to the first tools Dee gives to her business clients.

Happy Listening!


Dee Light has been working with people in business for over 20 years and is now preparing to do two classes in London, England and is opening her doors to new private clients.

You can find out more about Dee’s upcoming classes at Access the Speed of Light.

With Infinite Gratitude,
Angela Bear Gower-Johnson

Be the Infinite Possibilities!

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