Am I Fat?

Today I am feeling fat! Every 10 minutes to half an
hour I’m thinking of my body or judging my body.

Who does that belong to? Return to sender with
consciousness attached.

I used to weigh 125 pounds. When I was in my most
abusive relationship I went from 125 pounds to around
155, probably more. My mother-in-law to be actually asked
me if I was pregnant because I had put on so much weight.
Ever since that relationship my weight has fluctuated.

Most recently my body has been changing, weight and shape
are shifting. But today I feel incredibly dense and heavy! Blah!

One of the tools that I used to start shifting the weight and the
judgment was to say: ‘Interesting point of view I have this point
of view’ for every judgment and thought I had towards my body.

After about two weeks of REALLY doing that, not kind of doing
it and pretending I was doing it, things started to shift.

If you’ve been reading my posts than you know I am going through
change and a fair amount of uncomfortableness. This ‘feeling fat’
is just another part of that uncomfortableness.

The biggest tool I’m using is asking “What are the possibilities with
this uncomfortableness?” I am perceiving the energy of being a bit
slimmer, tighter, sexier… that is a yummy sensation. So much lighter
than this ‘fat’ thing. Which isn’t mine, by the way. I’m not really buying
it as mine, but I am running into it every half hour or so.

So, I have a choice here: I can choose to focus on the yumminess of
perceiving something different and go into question OR I can just
‘feel fat’ and believe that I am fat. I am going with the yumminess of
perceiving something different.

What if when you ‘feel’ something you are picking up on other people’s
thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Just sharing this with you is creating much more space for me and that
whole reality of ‘being fat’ is melting away as I expand more and more
into being my greatness and the infinite possibilities?

What are you willing to let go of and melt away today?

Thank you for being the gift of you!

I adore you!

Big Huge Hugs,

P.S. Here’s another little bit to all of this. I actually looking at my body
am seeing ‘evidence’ that I am fat. The day before yesterday, before this
whole ‘fat awareness’ came into play I was seeing evidence of weight loss
and body change. What you perceive you receive!

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