All About The Bars

Bars is a hands on body process that I learned from Access Consciousness.
With Access and with all of the Native American Indian tribes
that I learned from the belief is that we have numerous lifetimes,
3-4 billion or 3-4 trillion lifetimes. While living these lifetimes we
could have made decisions, judgements, conclusion and computations
that carry over from lifetime to the next and sometimes becomes
stronger and stronger and stronger.

The Bars are literally these energetic rods, poles, or bars that run
through you head. There are 32 of them. Some of their names are:
Healing, Sadness, Joy, Boy, Sexuality, Money, Creating Life Forms,

To run the Bars you first have to start the flow of energy running
through the body. Amazingly the Natives taught me this energy
flow, Access teaches the same one! How cool is that? So when
I am doing a Bars session I start with my hand on the back of
the persons head and then 3 fingers are placed on the 3rd eye.
That position is held while I pull the energy and get the energy
flowing. Then I move to the feet and put my middle finger in the
middle of the ball of the feet. I get the energy flowing from this.
The next step is to put my middle finger of each hand in the palm
of the clients hand, while they press their middle finger in the palm
of my hand. I get the energy flowing then.

From there I move to the head and stay at the head and running the
Bars. This is done by me putting my fingers on the Bars. When I put
my finger on a Bar what happens in those fixed points of views, those
judgments or decisions start to flow out of that bar up my finger, across
my shoulder and up through the top of my head. Billions to trillions of
lifetimes of limited beliefs are stored in the Bars. When you get a Bars
session 5- 15 thousand lifetimes of limiting beliefs can flow out of you.
It gives you the space and freedom to be you. To be your greatness with
out your learned societal beliefs, or whatever you are buying that keeps
you from being the great, aware, amazing, powerful infinite being you
truly be!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I run someone’s Bars it is up to 50,000 lifetimes of limiting beliefs
and fixed points of views that leave. Because i am really good and powerful/

When you get a Bars session it runs really dynamically for 3 weeks, as in
your Bars continue to flow and release those fixed points of view. After that
they continue to run through out your life time, but not as dynamically as the
first 3 weeks. I personally feel it is best to get your Bars run every 3 weeks
or month for optimum results. You can get your Bars run more. You could
even get your Bars run twice a day every day.

In Access they say the worse case scenario with having your Bars run is that
you feel as though you have had a good massage. This is because it can be
incredibly relaxing. I was trained as a deep tissue and sports injury massage
therapist, among other body processes. Never have I found anything so incredibly relaxing as the first Bars session I had. Access also says that the best case scenario is that your whole life can change. If you are letting go of fixed points of views your whole life can change! How much are you willing to receive?

The best experiences I have had with running Bars on people is with my sister,
she was going to get plastic surgery and in one Bars session the wrinkles and
bags around her eyes greatly and visibly reduced. I also had a client that was
looking for a loving man. I gave her a short 30 minute taster session and within 6 months she was happily and delightfully married, this was after spending 10 years being single and not meeting any men that met her criteria.

After a Bars session people can continue to feel relaxed for 3 days, to have more
energy or to have a combination of both. I ask my clients to be aware of what
their body is asking for and to ask if it requires salt, sugar or water. Your body
doesn’t actually require sugar, but your brain does.

What would it take for me to run your Bars?

I also teach people how to run Bars. When you run someone else’s Bars you are
clearing everything that the person whose Bars you are running is clearing. The more Bars sessions you do on people the happier you will be and the more your life will change!  What would it take for you to do a Bars class with me?

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4 Responses to “All About The Bars”

  1. Kimberley says:

    I have been trying to get to a BARS session in BC however have not been able to attend so far. I would love to get a session done in person. What would it take for us to meet in the middle?

  2. Esti Allina says:

    I would love to be endowed with this technique and to receive an energetic healing of it.

  3. Julian says:

    What would it take? I would love to run you Bars physically, I ran them for you energetically!

  4. Julian says:

    What are the infinite possibilities of me going their and teaching you and hubby how to run Bars? I adore you! Big Huge Hugs!

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