Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so MUCH for taking a step of faith and investing into yourself!

For each of the audio packages as well as the PDF Open To The Infinite Worksheet, simply click on each link and then save them to a place on your computer where you’ll be able to access them.

For the Discover Your Greatness Video series, simply click on the link and then bookmark it so you can come back to it again and again!

Please let me know if this is a much easier way for you to know

what needs to be done and for how long you should be doing it.

May I suggest that you do the steps in order. Use your own awareness on

what will work for you. If you go to Step Three immediately, that is so fine, just

make sure that you go back and do it again after doing Steps One and Two

What else is possible?

Big Huge Hugs,




Two Open To The Infinite Audios (audios)

To get the best benefit from this audio I advise that

you listen to it every single night and every morning

for 21 days.

Open To The Infinite Worksheet (PDF Format)

This is a way for you to with total ease read out

the Questions for this part of the program, out

loud, every single morning for 21 days. You are

more than welcome to go for MORE change

and shoot for 31 days, or MORE!!!


Angela’s Discover Your Greatness Program (password for this page is beyourbliss)

I’m assuming that you have already done this. But this is the foundation

to the Millionaire’s Access Intensive Program. The videos should be watched

four times each to get the most from them.

The meditations must be listened to in order, starting with the Grounding.

For best results each meditation should be listened to at least 21 times

for the optimum results. You can have all the audios playing on a low

volume all through the night for best results.



Business Awareness Skills Calls 1-6

Call 1

Call 2

Call 3

Call 4

Call 5

Call 6