Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Awareness Mentor

What Phenomenal Results Can We Generate Together?

What if you had infinitely more power than you can even imagine? If you could be, do and have absolutely anything? If you could walk in your power, own it, be it?

Imagine what your life would look like. Where would you be living? What would you be doing? Who would you be spending your time with?

What if you could completely shift your mindset from what you believe you know to be true – such as the fact that you are limited by how much money you make, which is also limited by what education you have, which is limited by the opportunities you believed you had as a child, etc. etc. – to what is actually true?

What is true?

The truth is that you are an infinite being. Here is the definition of infinite*:

  • Extending indefinitely : endless <infinite space>
  • Immeasurably or inconceivably great or extensive: inexhaustible <infinite patience>
  • Subject to no limitation or external determination
  • Extending beyond, lying beyond, or being greater than any preassigned finite value however large

Could that really be you?

Could your capacity for power, love, joy and bliss be infinite?

Could you really have infinite energy, capacity and space to grow fully into the magnificent greatness you were born to be?

Could you really live your life without limitations, whether self-imposed or imposed by others?

We say ABSOLUTELY!!! Now, the question becomes…are you ready? If you are, then go sign up for my free gift to you on the top right hand side of this page!!

Huge Gratitude for Gary Douglas and Dain Heer for the Access Consciousness tools that I use, teach and share. How did we all get to be so lucky?